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minecraft mod ArchitecturePlus


Game Version: 1.11.2
Total Downloads: 271
Updated: Jul 15, 2018
Created: Jul 14, 2018

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
architectureplus-0.1.1beta-mc1.11.2.jar beta 88.07 KB Jul 15, 2018 1.11.2 190 download ArchitecturePlus architectureplus-0.1.1beta-mc1.11.2.jar betaDownload
architectureplus-0.1-mc1.11.2.jar alpha 88.08 KB Jul 14, 2018 1.11.2 81 download ArchitecturePlus architectureplus-0.1-mc1.11.2.jar alphaDownload



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ArchitecturePlus is a simple Minecraft mod, that helps builders by adding some useful features in game, such as different kinds of wood and "construction helmet" that adds a haste effect, when you wear it.


Features of ArchitecturePlus Mod:

  • 5 new kinds of wood (planks, stairs, fence, pressure plate, button) with various parametrs
  • "Construction Helmet" – adds a haste effect, when you wear it
  • Different kinds of buttons has various tickRate, what will be useful for some redstone mechanisms
  • "Architecture Schematic" that is required for some crafting recipes
  • "Lapis Axe" it has a simple craft and is more effecient on ArchitecturePlus blocks
  • EN/RU localization
  • There are some custom achievements, added by ArchitecturePlus mod
  • Mod supports JEI


Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks/videos as long as you provide a credit to this page. Hope you will enjot this mod!


Coming-up features:

  • New Block: Wallpaper
  • New Block: Limestone
  • New Item: Lapis Pickaxe


 If you want to submit idea about what to add to this mod, write the comment down below! Thanks for attention.


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