Minecraft Faithful x32 mod 2020 download
minecraft mod Faithful x32

Faithful x32

Game Version: 1.13.2 +3
Total Downloads: 5,395,317
Updated: Feb 11, 2019
Created: Oct 8, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Faithful 1.13.2-rv2 release 5.26 MB Feb 11, 2019 1.13.2 +3 508,976 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.13.2-rv2 releaseDownload
Faithful 1.13.2-rv1 release 5.26 MB Oct 17, 2018 1.13.1 +2 310,148 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.13.2-rv1 releaseDownload
Faithful 1.13.1-rv2 release 5.17 MB Sep 19, 2018 1.13.1 +2 73,775 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.13.1-rv2 releaseDownload
Faithful 1.13.1-rv1 release 5.20 MB Sep 9, 2018 1.13 +1 53,418 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.13.1-rv1 releaseDownload
Faithful 1.12.2-rv4 release 6.56 MB Sep 17, 2017 1.12.2 +3 1,491,987 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.12.2-rv4 releaseDownload
Faithful 1.11.2-rv4 release 6.05 MB Apr 3, 2017 1.11.2 +3 330,358 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.11.2-rv4 releaseDownload
Faithful 1.10.2-rv4 release 7.04 MB Aug 14, 2016 1.10.2 +9 580,814 download Faithful x32 Faithful 1.10.2-rv4 releaseDownload



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  • Can I use this resource pack in video or modpacks?
    • Yes, exactly!
  • How can I download?
    • Click on "Files" tab, then click on down arrow on the latest file.
  • How can I support you?
    • You can thank me for the work and get early access to the new snapshot textures on the PATREON.


These are the most wonderful people, thanks to whom I continue to please you with textures! Also many thanks to all who supported me and did not get on this list!

  • Magical guys
    • Opee – 15$
    • Jeff S – 15$
    • KarthtuneTF2 – 15$
    • Grayfel – 15$
  • Wonderful guys
    • Sigbjørn Kjetland – 9$
    • WaffleStick – 9$
    • Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. – 9$


Over the last two years more and more people have given their own time to help out. They all deserve enormous thanks. 

  • Zombuster - basic ores*.
  • GenuineSounds - hook/float and hearts.
  • Justin8 - lilly pad and flower, and white wool block* with other wool recolours of his, and font*.
  • Sword_Frog - sandstone block bottom, birch wood*, spruce sapling, and dead shrub.
  • JKurtz87 - Mojang splash screen logo.
  • CrazyErik - held map background.
  • Gimlao - fixed the font spacing and again for 1.6.
  • labtec901 - texture pack icon.
  • DarKKn1ghT111 - HD Minecraft Logo*.
  • Affinite - Iron Bars.
  • Snowshoe - Snowman texture*.
  • silentsource - ender crystal*.
  • ExileUnlimited - Cocoa Plant*, Tripwire*, Cocoa Beans*.
  • SupremX8 - trading gui*, and two of the creative guis.
  • carlotta4th - creative mode survival gui*, beacon gui*.
  • TheHalaran - Emerald Block*, XP bar, and Boss HP bar.
  • Arionwt1997 - Ruby and Emerald items.
  • some1insweden - fire charge*.
  • jecowa - iron door.
  • Samuil19/SLembas - potato+baked+poisonous*, carrot+golden*, pumpkin pie*, flower pot*, smoke particle, splash particle, bubble particle, drop particle, repair pane, cloth armor*, diamond armor, zombie villager, witch*, wither painting, Eye of Ender tweaks, TNT tweaks, Firework Particles, Firework Star*, Enchanted Book*, Christmas Chests*, Wither*, Wither Skeleton*, Bat, Wither Armor, Hopper GUI, Hopper Sides*, Hopper Item, Hopper Cart, Water Overlay, Activator Rail, Light Detector, Detector Rail ON, Dispenser Vertical, Dropper, Lava, Portal, Quartz*, Comparator Item, Compass*, TNT Cart, Netherbrick Item, Cave Spider, Redstone Block*, Hay Bale, Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, Block of Coal, Charcoal, Horse GUI, Horse Armor, Podzol, Sunflower, Tweaked Dandelion, Oxeye Daisy, Poppy, Tulips, Packed Ice, Red Sand, Clownfish*, Stream Icons, Coarse Dirt, Iron Trapdoor, Andesite/smooth, Diorite, Banners, Banner Base, Endermite, Enchanting GUI, Widgets Buttons, Banner Base, Banner Overlay, Barrier, Prismarine Shard, Slime Block Tweaks.
  • King_M7 - three villager particles.
  • Ivysaur1996 - potion effect icons*.
  • SteelBrother - 1×2 painting, rain, Pumpkin and Jack 'o' lantern tweaks, Giant Red Mushroom cap tweaks, Achievement GUI tweaks, Horse Hearts*, Bubble Particle tweaks, Potion Particle tweaks, Drip Particle tweaks, XP Bar, Boss HP Bar.
  • john4s13 - Gravel improvements.
  • phrstbrn - Font braces spacing fix.
  • Bufferzz - Quartz*, Quartz Ore*, Netherquartz Item*, Redstone Block*, Allium*, Peony*.
  • DuckOfDuckness - Clock.
  • David184 - Black Cat*.
  • streak1 - Saddle.
  • thaky - Lead, Name Tag*, Lead Knot, Horse Armor Items.
  • EnderSlayer317 - Placeholder Tiled Water.
  • Thantosss1220 - Tweaked Fish Raw/Cooked, Salmon Raw/Cooked, Pufferfish.
  • CraftPotato13 - Slime Block*.
  • Antoinounet - Horse Skeleton, Rabbit Raw*/Cooked*, Guardian*/Elder*.
  • LajhuPG - Mutton Raw/Cooked.
  • LuxiKeks - Rabbit Foot*, Armour Stand Item.
  • DZCreeper - Rabbit Hide.
  • BrotherHolmes - Rabbit Stew.
  • creepit34 - Raw clay block.
  • DrZhark - original Horse Textures*.
  • Xaphobia - original Zombie Pigman skin*.
  • Notch - the originals*.
  • Kristoffer Zetterstrand - original paintings*.

Terms of use

It's fine for people to use stuff from the Faithful so long as guidelines bellow are followed.

  • Requirements:
    – Give clear credit.
    – Link back to the Faithful.
    – Be honest about what you are using.
    – No money making links.


  • Things that are fine:
    – Use as placeholders.
    – Using as many textures as you've made yourself.
    – Using the items or paintings.
    – Use as base for mod textures.


  • On remix/tweaked packs:
    – Let's Players can share a modified copy with fans.
    – Adventure map makers can provide modified copy to go along with it.


  • Finally:
    – If I decide I don't want you using stuff from the pack then that is final. This will only be the case in unusual circumstances.
    – These guidelines can be changed at any time.


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