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minecraft mod FunnyTrolling


Game Version: 1.8.1
Total Downloads: 1,628
Updated: May 22, 2016
Created: Apr 30, 2016

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
FunnyTrolling v1.4 release 23.08 KB May 22, 2016 1.8.1 1,023 download FunnyTrolling FunnyTrolling v1.4 releaseDownload
FunnyTrolling v1.3 release 18.14 KB May 14, 2016 1.8.1 199 download FunnyTrolling FunnyTrolling v1.3 releaseDownload
FunnyTrolling v1.2 beta 15.51 KB May 5, 2016 1.8.1 194 download FunnyTrolling FunnyTrolling v1.2 betaDownload
FunnyTrolling v1.1 beta 14.64 KB May 1, 2016 1.8.1 124 download FunnyTrolling FunnyTrolling v1.1 betaDownload
FunnyTrolling v1.0 beta 14.66 KB May 1, 2016 1.8.1 88 download FunnyTrolling FunnyTrolling v1.0 betaDownload



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Funny Trolling


The plugin is in German.

Sorry for my bad English

Release 1.4



drop the plugin in your plugins folder and restart the server.


funnytrolling.admin – Player have access to all commands

OP – Player have access to all commands


/ft – Help.

/ft crash <Player> – Minecraft Crashes.

/ft burn <Player> – Player burns.

/ft badpotions <Player> – Give player all BadPotions.

/ft rakete <Player> – Players flying high.

/ft nobuild <Player> – Blocks respawn.

/ft gmspam <Player> – Switch the Gamemode.

/ft tresor <Player> – around the player spawns Bedrock.

/ft fakeop <Player> – FakeOP.

/ft fakeban <Player> <reason> – FakeBan.

/ft killerapple <Player> – When Player eat the apple he die's.

/ft invlock <Player> – Player can't open Chat,Inv,ESC.

/ft hat <Player> – Give Player a Hat.

/ft fuckup <Player> – Sounds annoy the Player.

/ft creeper <Player>- Spawns 10 Creeper.

/ft explode <Player> – Create a Explosion at Player location.

/ft nojump <Player> – Player can't jump.

/ft armorstand <Player> <name> – an armorstand follows the Player.

/ft blockcmd <Player> < cmd/all=""> – Player commands will blocked.

/ft timekill <Player> <seconds> – Player dies after <seconds>.

/ft server <msg> – send message as server.

/ft fakeblocks <player> <block> – spawns fake blocks example: /ft fakeblocks Skittlezz TNT

/ft boss <Player> – spawn a BOSS.

Please report Bugs


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