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Game Version: 1.7.10 +3
Total Downloads: 237,424
Updated: Apr 20, 2015
Created: Oct 19, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b160.jar release 207.35 KB Apr 20, 2015 1.7.10 +3 9,687 download OpenAutomation OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b160.jar releaseDownload
OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b159.jar release 207.35 KB Apr 11, 2015 1.7.10 +3 295 download OpenAutomation OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b159.jar releaseDownload
OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b218.jar beta 235.34 KB Jun 1, 2015 1.7.10 +3 226,929 download OpenAutomation OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b218.jar betaDownload
OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b158.jar beta 207.05 KB Apr 11, 2015 1.7.10 +3 157 download OpenAutomation OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b158.jar betaDownload
OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b155.jar beta 206.61 KB Apr 11, 2015 1.7.10 +3 164 download OpenAutomation OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b155.jar betaDownload
OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b146.jar beta 203.38 KB Apr 11, 2015 1.7.10 +3 192 download OpenAutomation OpenAutomation-1.7.x-b146.jar betaDownload



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 REWRITE FOR 1.8.9: OAReborn


OpenAutomation deals with two things, adding automatable features to other mods, and doing other sorts of Automation. "Automate all the things."

Youtube video from me:

Modules of OA:

The original module. Requires OpenComputers to exist, in order to function.
We have one feature still that's in the OC module. The Power Out-Converter. This block converts OC energy, to RF, sending it out to wherever you wish.
There is also a feature from the lasers in the OC module. The Computer Data Laser
It has one method:
component.laser.sendDataLaser(sides., message)
When received it sends a signal with the signature:
"laser_message", address_of_component_received_on, message

It can be sent into any component in the network /except/ the actual computer block.


While playing with Tinker's Construct, I found out that the smeltery was kinda big and bulky to run. As such, I introduce to you, the Micro Smeltery. This is a single block with the ability to melt any item that the smeltery can, faster, and using RF power. As such, it is capable of being pretty useful in your automation endeavors.


The newest feature. Don't you want to transport your power along a long distance, but don't feel like using a Tesseract? Introducing, the invisible lasers of longdistanceness! These lasers can travel a long way, up to 400 blocks in any direction in fact! They'll only go where there is air blocks however.

Now featuring, Visibility! If you have Computronics installed, the lasers are VISIBLE, whoa, you can't even get this anywhere else.

There are 2 types of lasers:
Energy Laser Emitter – Send RF power into any side of the block, and it'll emit a laser out the other side!
Energy Laser Emitter (Energisable) – Allows energy in the laser to be energised once every 100 pulses. (5 seconds)
Laser Energiser (Solids) – Energises energisable lasers that pass through it. Requires items to be piped into it.
Human Laser Emitter – Requires RF Power. Right click on any side of the block, it emits a laser out the other side and teleports you all the way to the receptor on the other end! Sends a ping every 5 seconds out every direction, this can be turned off by shift-right clicking.
Mirror (Laser) – Right click to set the two sides that it'll reflect lasers. It reflects at a right angle.
Double Mirror (Laser) – Right click to set the input side, and rotate what two output sides there are.
Laser Receptor – When it receives any lasers, it will output the things that were transferred out the opposite side.


Requires Awesome Sauce Core.


The latest version is available on drone.io: here

Or download the stable version from MinecraftPatch.



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