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minecraft mod PowerSticks


Game Version: 1.7.10 +2
Total Downloads: 1,080
Updated: Jan 29, 2017
Created: Dec 29, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
PowerSticks-v1.05.c_1.7.10.jar release 74.79 KB Jan 29, 2017 1.7.10 +2 415 download PowerSticks PowerSticks-v1.05.c_1.7.10.jar releaseDownload
PowerSticks-v1.05.b_1.7.10.jar release 70.64 KB Jan 27, 2017 1.7.10 +2 80 download PowerSticks PowerSticks-v1.05.b_1.7.10.jar releaseDownload
PowerSticks-v1.04.b_1.8.8.jar beta 71.72 KB Feb 20, 2016 1.8.8 +2 233 download PowerSticks PowerSticks-v1.04.b_1.8.8.jar betaDownload



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 It's a mod done to help you survive. News sticks are added to Minecraft, each one with a different power. Blast and kill modb's with a hit, fly over the world, breathing underwater, survive to fire and swim in the lava, being immortal. These are the skills you will acquire while holding the stick.



– The fighting skills only affect the mob's. No block or player will be affected.

– This is the oficial project page. All news is here.


All PowerSticks in modAll items in the mod


1. Magic Bowl
All the mod sticks are made using two essentials: one stick (obvious) and this magic bowl.



2. Blasting Mobs

(the name already says)


3. One Hit to Kill
No mob had been standing in front of you, but be quick!


4. Breathe under water
(the name already says)


5. Resist to fire
Try swimming in lava!


6. I Belive, I Can Fly
Yes, you'll fly, but does not drop the stick!


7. I am immortal
Became immortal. No mob will harm you.


8. Colorize Sheeps (cosmetic)
 (use right click) Use with right click on the sheep.



9. Shooting at Mobs (since v1.02)

 (use right click)  Shoot bullets of XP like at monsters


10. Finding Ores (since v1.03)

crafting util v1.03


crafting since v1.04


 Show (at chat) all ores below a block that player clicked (right button)



11. Tied Blocks (since v1.04)


 It is a stick to be used to replace or destroy blocks according to the block type that is positioned on the right side of the stick in the inventory bar.

The action is triggered when the player right-click one of the face of a block(img 1). In doing so, the blocks that are stick on the right will placed at the front, above or below the block that was clicked, filling voids, or replacing the blocks after they are until a block of the same  type is found or there are no more blocks available on invetário(img 2). The action will also be stopped if an ore block is found in the way.

img 1

img 2

If the clicked block is different from being placed, it will also be replaced.

If the path of the blocks there is a bed, chest, torch, furnace and craft table, these items will not be replaced.


To delete blocks, rather than put / replace, put the right stick of the following items (img 3 e 4):
– Wheat Seed
– Yellow and Red Flower
(The reason for choosing these items is plenty of them in the world.)

img 3

img 4


Heads up using TiedBlocks:
Upon completion, the change of the blocks will not be able to be undone. Check the consequences before continuing.



If you make a video with PowerSticks, let me know to publish here.


Please, watch these videos below and let your 'like'  !!! 


1) Video by SwordtoFace (www.youtube.com/user/SwordtoFace). Thank you so much!
(in English)

Very good video!
Watch and let your 'like'!



2) Video by Slim_Guy. Thank you so much!
(in Spanish)

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3) Video by TastyPie. Thank you so much!

(in Russian, i think)

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1) Minecraft 1.7.10 / 1.8.8

2) Forge

– Tested with these versions:

MC 1.7.10 = Forge version 

MC 1.8.8 = Forge version

-Download and install instructions to Forge in these links:



This mods is universal, can be used on both the server and the client.

 1) Installing in client/single player

Download and copy the .jar file into the 'mods' folder of your Minecraft.

(usually in the folder C:\Users\[your_user_name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods)

 2) Installing in Server

Download and copy the .jar file into the 'mods' folder of your server folder.


 Yes, you can put the PowerSticks to your modpack, since nothing is charges the end user.


 See changelog in Files section by clicking in name of file. 


IN VERSION 1.05.c (only for Minecraft 1.7.10) 

(released in 2017-01-29)


– For a light emitting stick you need to craft a stick along with a torch. See image below:

 Crafting to a stick can emit light

 - Only the sticks below can emit light:
Blasting Mobs
One Hit to Kill
Shooting at Mobs
Finding Ores
I am immortal


IN VERSION 1.05.b (only for Minecraft 1.7.10) 

(released in 2017-01-26)

– From this version the sticks emit light to aid in the exploration. The mod will also cause the torch to emit light when being held. You can change this in config file (changing sticksEmitLight to(=) false).



(released in 2016-02-19)

– stick TiedBlocks, for (very simple) constructions/clearing with blocks;
– creeper's explosion do not affect blocks, only players (you can change this in config file)
– new configuration file with variables for:
a) cancel the destruction of blocks by the explosion of a creeper (noBlocksAffectedByCreepersExplosions=true or false);
b) define the damage stick 'OneHitToKill' (damageFor_OneHitToKill=3000 or whatever you want).

– Crafting for FindOres: replaced 'beacon' (very difficult to spawn and kill a wither) for 'Redstone lamp'.


– Report bugs in comment below. Before see Issues section

– My apologize for any error in english text above, because i am not native (I'm brazilian)


Enjoy the mod! Thanks.


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