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Game Version: 1.14 +1
Total Downloads: 826
Updated: Aug 20, 2019
Created: Aug 16, 2019

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Reequip 1.1 release 12.91 KB Aug 20, 2019 1.14 +1 620 download Reequip Reequip 1.1 releaseDownload


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What it does

If an item breaks (Tools or Armor) or you run out of blocks while placing Reequip will search your inventory for a suitable replacement and automatically equip it for you. No more accessing the inventory during a fight because your sword broke or while farming cobble with a stone pickaxe!


How it works

Supported are any Tools and all placeable blocks (main and off hand). Reequip is automatically disabled as long as the player is in creative mode.

Tools & Armor

If a tool or an armor of yours breaks, any tool/armor of the same type will be automatically equipped, preferencing the material that you had previously equipped but not limiting to it. So for instance your stone pickaxe breaks and you have another one in your inventory it will be equipped. If you don't have a stone pickaxe but a diamond and an iron one, the diamond one will be equipped. The order of replacement is

  1. Previously equipped material
  2. Diamond
  3. Iron
  4. Gold
  5. Wood (Armor: Leather)
  6. Chainmail (Armor only)
  7. Turtle (Helmet only)

Items without materials (Lighters, Shields, etc.) will ignore the material and simply search for the same item type.



Upon placing the last block of a stack, your inventory will be searched for any stacks of the same material and equip one (searched by the order of your inventory).


  • reequip: Parent for all Reequip permissions. Grants all of them
  • reequip.use: Allows the usage of the reequip function. Give/Take this to enable players using this plugin
  • reequip.toggle: Allows players to toggle the reequip function on and off. Give/Take this to allow players the usage of the /reequip command


  •  /reequip: Toggles the reequip function on/off for the player that sent the command




Special thanks for help during plugin development go to b8148263



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