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Game Version: 1.14 +1
Total Downloads: 2
Updated: Aug 16, 2019
Created: Aug 16, 2019

Earlier Versions

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Reequip 1.0 beta 5.54 KB Aug 16, 2019 1.14 +1 2 download Reequip Reequip 1.0 betaDownload


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What it does

Ever had the problem that your tool breaks but you can't open your inventory to equip the next one, or just simply tired of opening the inventory every time your item is used up? Then this is the plugin for you.


Reequip will automatically recognize when one of your items break and search your inventory for a suitable replacement. It also works for stacks of blocks.


How it works


If one of your tools breaks Reequip will search your inventory for the same type of tool but made from any material. Preferring the same material as the one that broke.

Say you have been clearing a huge area of dirt and your stone shovel broke, Reequip will search your inventory for another stone shovel and equip it if found. If no stone shovel was found Reequip will look for any other shovel preferring better materials over worse (Diamond -> Iron -> Stone -> Gold -> Wood) and equip it instead. Same works for Pickaxe, Axe, Sword and Hoe. Tools without different material versions like flint and steel will simply be replaced if another one is found.


If the last block of a stack is placed Reequip will search the inventory for stacks of the same material and equip it. This only works for solid blocks. Items like water/lava buckets or pressure plates are not yet supported. It is planned to eventually support as many different item types as possible.


Permissions & Commands

The plugin is automatically active for everybody. Permissions are not yet supported. Permissions and commands for enabling/disabling the function are currently in work.




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