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Game Version: 1.9
Total Downloads: 241
Updated: Mar 9, 2016
Created: Feb 6, 2016

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
SocialNetworks1.9 release 2.84 KB Mar 9, 2016 1.9 156 download SocialNetworks SocialNetworks1.9 releaseDownload
SocialNetworks release 2.84 KB Feb 6, 2016 1.8 85 download SocialNetworks SocialNetworks releaseDownload



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Welcome To My Brand New Plugin, This Plugin Called "SocialNetworks" Is Very Useful If You Have Server Social Network Pages. With This You Will Be Able To Show Your Social Networks Links To Your Players, With The Simple Command "/social".

How Does It Work: This Is A Simple Plugin With The Command "/social" Players Will Be Able To See The Social Networks Links. If You Had Changed Before In The Config.yml File.

How To Install It: You Simply Drag and Drop The Jar File To Your Server Plugins Folder.

Commands: "/social" This Is The Only Command That You Can Do With This Plugin It Shows Your Social Networks Links If You Changed It In The Config.yml.

Permissions: It Doesn't Need Permissions, All Players Can Do It.

Config.yml File:
message: 'Your Social Networks Link Here'
message2: 'Your Second Social Networks Link Here'

For Incomatibilites or Bugs Send Me A PM.

My Other Plugin Called WebsiteShower2.0: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/websiteshower2-0/


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