Minecraft Stranger Things datapack mod 2020 download
minecraft mod Stranger Things datapack

Stranger Things datapack

Game Version: 1.14.4 +4
Total Downloads: 1
Updated: Aug 13, 2019
Created: Aug 13, 2019

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Stranger Things Datapack v1.2 release 23.29 KB Aug 13, 2019 1.14.4 +4 1 download Stranger Things datapack Stranger Things Datapack v1.2 releaseDownload


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Don't watch the short review video, if you have not yet watched season 3,
tutorial contains no spoilers!

This datapack is for the Stranger Thing fans, or for the people that want some extra power.
The video here above is a short preview the full datapack review and tutorial is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U65UwUMuFKE&feature=youtu.be
Tutorial starts at 1:50


With this datapack is it possible:
To let players or animals fly
Kill people or animals, with only one look!
To give people or animals a little knockback [Knockback: lvl 10]
Spectate people without moving from place
To open doors with your eyes!
To burn players with only one look!
To let items fly
To freeze players

To become Eleven:
/tag @s add STEleven [No two Eleven's possible!]

Eleven's star:
/function st:getstar
Or use the Stranger Things menu 

It's advisable to watch the tutorial! 

Please report bugs, i have already fixed a lot but not everything, i think..
This is version 1.2, more updates are coming soon!

And please share some ideas 😀

Version 1.1/1.2 Quick tutorial:


Orginal: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/stranger-things-datapack/


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