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minecraft mod Xray Ultimate

Xray Ultimate

Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot +14
Total Downloads: 8,552,298
Updated: Jun 21, 2020
Created: Dec 22, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Xray Ultimate 1.16 update release 270.00 KB Jun 21, 2020 1.16-Snapshot +14 270,189 download Xray Ultimate Xray Ultimate 1.16 update releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.12_v2.3.1.zip release 211.72 KB May 2, 2020 1.12.2 +28 268,889 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.12_v2.3.1.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.4.zip release 270.00 KB Apr 28, 2020 1.16-Snapshot +14 290,422 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.4.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.3.zip release 258.31 KB Mar 12, 2020 1.16-Snapshot +13 507,595 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.3.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.1.zip release 258.41 KB Mar 11, 2020 1.16-Snapshot +14 4,650 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.1.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.0.zip release 257.81 KB Mar 11, 2020 1.16-Snapshot +14 3,845 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.5.0.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.4.0.zip release 257.29 KB Feb 7, 2020 1.16-Snapshot 162,015 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.4.0.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.15_v3.3.2.zip release 245.38 KB Feb 3, 2020 1.15.2 +13 424,327 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.15_v3.3.2.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.15_v3.3.1.zip release 244.50 KB Jan 20, 2020 1.15.1 +12 95,107 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.15_v3.3.1.zip releaseDownload
1.12 v2.3.0 pixelmon ore fix release 210.02 KB Jan 14, 2020 1.12.2 +28 69,479 download Xray Ultimate 1.12 v2.3.0 pixelmon ore fix releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.15_v3.3.0.zip release 256.83 KB Dec 12, 2019 1.15.1 +12 297,970 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.15_v3.3.0.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.14_v3.2.1.zip release 255.79 KB Oct 26, 2019 1.15-Snapshot +10 275,525 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.14_v3.2.1.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.14_v3.2.0.zip release 256.76 KB Oct 9, 2019 1.15-Snapshot +9 90,347 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.14_v3.2.0.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.13_v3.1.1.zip release 215.01 KB Aug 4, 2018 1.13 +1 1,383,056 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.13_v3.1.1.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.13_v3.1.0.zip release 215.15 KB Jun 25, 2018 1.13-Snapshot 423,191 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.13_v3.1.0.zip releaseDownload
Xray_Ultimate_1.13_v3.0.0.zip release 215.19 KB Jun 21, 2018 1.13-Snapshot 12,419 download Xray Ultimate Xray_Ultimate_1.13_v3.0.0.zip releaseDownload
Xray Ultimate 1.12 v2.2.1.zip release 211.92 KB Jul 19, 2017 1.12 +15 1,115,939 download Xray Ultimate Xray Ultimate 1.12 v2.2.1.zip releaseDownload
Xray Ultimate 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9 v2.2.0 release 252.41 KB May 17, 2017 1.12-Snapshot +14 339,338 download Xray Ultimate Xray Ultimate 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9 v2.2.0 releaseDownload
Xray Ultimate 1.8.zip release 26.05 KB Mar 10, 2015 1.8.7 1,543,603 download Xray Ultimate Xray Ultimate 1.8.zip releaseDownload



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Use Optifine!  Turn off Smooth lighting!

(If you want to see hidden ores)




     Better than Xray mods!

X-ray pack for all those who need it. Ores and mineral blocks are shamelessly highlighted as shown in the pictures.

Be sure to pick up Optifine for the extra nightvision effect. So that you can see the hidden ores, also turn off smooth lighting.

Monster blocks (silver fish blocks) have a red square on them. The texture is derived from the redstone block so that it will be compatible with most packs (if the target pack has a rather unusual redstone block the square might not be as obvious as in default)

1.13 1.14 1.15 & 1.16 use the same file structure and naming. The only difference is how chests are mapped from 1.14 to 1.15. If you need 1.12, you need to download a 1.12 compatible version as a majority of names and folder structures changed from 1.12 to 1.13.




Please comment and request changes to the pack, I'd be happy to help out as much as I can.



Mod support:

  • optifine

  • thaumcraft

  • Industrial craft 2

  • substratum

  • neotech

  • inductive automation

  • Pixelmon


      How To Install Resourcepacks:


  1. Download a resource pack, you should get a .zip file

  2. Open the folder to which you downloaded the file

  3. Copy the .zip file

  4. Open Minecraft

  5. Click on "Options", then "Resource Packs"

  6. Choose "Open resource pack folder"

  7. Paste the .zip file into that resource pack folder.


Legal stuff / License: 

- Do not distribute the pack or textures and/or claim them as your own. 

– Feel free to use in-game (loading the pack through the Minecraft client), remix and/or edit the textures for your own personal use. However, you may not distribute the modified/remixed textures without my consent. 

- Do not re-upload the pack elsewhere. I urge everyone to link to this page (https://www.bebetextures.com/xrayultimate), this is to protect the packs integrity and to centralize comments/critique that may help me improve the pack.

– Feel free to take screenshots/video recordings in/from Minecraft while using this pack and/or the contents/assets therein (loading the pack or parts of it through the Minecraft client) and to distribute such content with or without commercial purposes (crediting is not necessary). 

– You are allowed to distribute the resourcepack within your Minecraft servers community* if you are the owner or acting on behalf of the owner of said server. This only applies to the server resourcepack prompt (serverside resourcepack) and does not include hosting this resourcepack on a server forum/website. 

* Anyone who has ever connected to your server


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