Minecraft 424Friends Resource Pack mod 2024 download
minecraft mod 424Friends Resource Pack

424Friends Resource Pack

Game Version: 1.19.1
Total Downloads: 797
Updated: Jun 28, 2022
Created: Dec 18, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
424FriendsResourcePack(1.0.1).zip release 1.39 MB Jun 28, 2022 1.19.1 0 download 424Friends Resource Pack 424FriendsResourcePack(1.0.1).zip releaseDownload
424FriendsResourcePack(test).zip release 64.32 KB Jun 16, 2022 1.19.1 474 download 424Friends Resource Pack 424FriendsResourcePack(test).zip releaseDownload
424Friends Resource Pack (1.0.0).zip release 1.41 MB Dec 18, 2021 1.19.1 65 download 424Friends Resource Pack 424Friends Resource Pack (1.0.0).zip releaseDownload
424FriendsResourcePack(test2).zip alpha 159 Bytes Jun 27, 2022 1.19.1 258 download 424Friends Resource Pack 424FriendsResourcePack(test2).zip alphaDownload



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This is a 424Friends themed Minecraft Resource Pack, created purely using assets made by the 424Friends Gaming Community on Discord during live events, designed to add comedic value to the game. It currently only contains a few sound effects and music replacements, but will also contain art, and other stuff in the future when more 424Friends assets become available!
Join the 424Friends gaming community using this link if you want to find out more or help with the generation of assets used in this pack https://discord.gg/kNhbpvS


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