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Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 34,161
Updated: Jun 21, 2021
Created: Nov 8, 2020
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ag4tr- beta 85.63 KB Jun 21, 2021 1.16.5 148 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 84.86 KB May 29, 2021 1.16.5 266 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 84.41 KB Feb 13, 2021 1.16.5 2,521 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 84.51 KB Jan 3, 2021 1.16.4 629 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 86.78 KB Dec 27, 2020 1.16.4 333 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 86.06 KB Dec 7, 2020 1.16.4 646 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 85.23 KB Nov 25, 2020 1.16.4 177 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 85.16 KB Nov 23, 2020 1.16.4 58 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 59.65 KB Nov 19, 2020 1.16.4 84 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 60.89 KB Nov 12, 2020 1.16.4 27,808 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload
ag4tr- beta 60.44 KB Nov 8, 2020 1.16.4 1,371 download Ag4tr ag4tr- betaDownload



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An addon for Tech Reborn adding Additional Gear.

This mod's general premise is to bring back some gear from the mod that Tech Reborn was inspired by: IndustrialCraft 2. It has got some miscellaneous, "original" features, too, though.

A list of features:

Hazmat suit

Wearing this suit you can roam around the nether without the worry of burning in the lava or scuba dive without the risk of asphyxiating! Charge it up for the cooling bit to work (power is only required when you're in lava, flame protection is passive) and keep cells of compressed air in your inventory for you to breathe underwater! One canister grants you approximately 24 seconds of air. The suit requires a little bit of power to swap the canisters, too. For realism sake. Only the chestpiece and helmet are needed for scuba diving, for fire/lava protection you need the full suit (that is, the helmet, chestpiece, bottoms and rubber boots).

NV goggles

See in dark places at the cost of energy with this state-of-the-art light-amplifying apparatus!

Toggle with a hotkey, N by default.

Rubber armor

Resist knockback with this set of rubber armor! It's a tad better than leather armor and each piece gives you a bit of knockback resistance.

Stun Gun

Stun your mobs with electronic stick! Simply hit them once its capacitors are full. Each charge takes 256 E (configurable). Entities get stunned for ~6 seconds (configurable), during this period, they are significantly slowed down and weakened. Arachnids receive heavy damage from it (configurable). Creepers explode when shocked with this (configurable).

You switch the taser on/off by shift-rightclicking with it in your hand. When it's on, it will consume some power to charge its capacitors. After ~5 secs (configurable), it will be usable.
There's an capacitor charge indicator in the taser's tooltip. Grey means that the capacitors are empty, yellow means partially charged and not yet usable, green means fully charged and usable.


Rubber boots

Your go-to hip dislocation prevention tool! Significantly reduces your fall damage with each fall at the cost of taking a bit of a beating.

More are to come. Along with better documentation.


Pictured, from left to right: Stun Gun, NV Goggles, Hazmat Suit and the Rubber Armor Set.
Please report any bugs you find playing with this mod on the github issue tracker.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to put them up in the comments or on github. 
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it adds no worldgen or anything of this substance.

I'm not very keen on backporting mods. Just a heads-up.


…and Tech Reborn


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