Minecraft Anemoia mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Anemoia


Game Version: 1.17.1
Total Downloads: 59,907
Updated: Aug 6, 2021
Created: Sep 26, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Anemoia for 1.17 release 9.55 MB Aug 6, 2021 1.17.1 277 download Anemoia Anemoia for 1.17 releaseDownload
Anemoia 1.02 release 8.95 MB Oct 4, 2020 1.16.3 59,055 download Anemoia Anemoia 1.02 releaseDownload
Anemoia v1.zip release 8.99 MB Sep 26, 2020 1.16.3 575 download Anemoia Anemoia v1.zip releaseDownload



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A dreamlike texture pack with heavy emphasis on biome diversity and vibrant colors.


Q. Can I use this texture pack on stream/youtube/post screencaps/etc?

Absolutely! Go ahead.


Q. Can I edit this texture pack?

For private use, sure. Please don't public upload/monetize/etc your edits.


Q. I don't have Optifine…

Download it here, or opt to use the downgraded non-optifine Lite version of Anemoia



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