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minecraft mod APortingCore


Game Version: 1.7.10
Total Downloads: 1,249
Updated: Nov 26, 2021
Created: Jun 10, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
APortingCore-0.3.1.jar beta 230.43 KB Nov 26, 2021 1.7.10 123 download APortingCore APortingCore-0.3.1.jar betaDownload
APortingCore-0.3.jar beta 302.76 KB Feb 12, 2021 1.7.10 637 download APortingCore APortingCore-0.3.jar betaDownload
APortingCore-0.2.jar beta 240.57 KB Aug 18, 2020 1.7.10 402 download APortingCore APortingCore-0.2.jar betaDownload
APortingCore-0.1.jar beta 218.74 KB Jun 10, 2020 1.7.10 87 download APortingCore APortingCore-0.1.jar betaDownload


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Welcome to the APortingCore mod page!

First of all, it is worth saying that the mod is under development.
We do not guarantee stability and do not bear responsibility for the safety of your worlds.


What does APortingCore do?
The mod allows other mods from the new Minecraft versions to work on 1.7.10. Elementary, right?


How the mod works from the technical side? (for developers)


  • Changes the class paths in mods of new versions to similar classes in version 1.7.10
  • Changes and adds several annotations from new versions so that mods can run
  • Removes check minecraft version in new mods
  • Attempt to migrate graphics implementation from new versions
  • Partially implemented sound events from new versions


  • Events are working now 
  • Keybinds are working now 
  • Some kind of GUI are working now (the biggest problem of this mod version)


  • Mod.Instance and Mod.Metadata are working now 
  • Some vector logic 
  • Chat massages are working now 
  • Add some control event to GuiEvent
  • C17PacketCustomPayload are working now


Supported Mods

Compatible mods with APortingCore v0.3 (clickable)

Note: all mods were downloaded from curseforge pages and official pages, if there are none on curseforge. All mods were not changed in any way, except for CompactChat-1.3(1.8.9).jar, which is better to take from our repository due to the fact that it is older, but works better.  

Incompatible mods

As we try to support as many mods as possible, let's hope this list will be short.

  • Galacticraft

How to install APortingCore?

1. Download and install Forge latest version for 1.7.10

2. Download APortingCore latest version

3. Put APortingCore in the mods folder

4. Put the selected mods in the mods folder

5. Launch your Minecraft


For APortingCore version 0.3 and above, installation requires additional steps.

All that is required of you:

1. Open Forge as an archive

2. Go to the META-INF folder

3. Delete 2 files (if any) – FORGE.DSA and FORGE.SF

4. Edit the MANIFEST.MF file by deleting everything below 22 line

Usually Forge is located in libraries under the following path: libraries\net\minecraftforge\forge\1.7.10-\forge-1.7.10-

Note: Forge name and location may vary depending on the launcher used.

If you are using a launcher that automatically redownloads libraries or Forge (such as MultiMC), unfortunately APortingCore will not be compatible with such a launcher.

Advice: make a backup of your Forge before changing.


What configs does APortingCore have?
Absolutely none, you do not need to rack your brains and configure something. Just enjoy the game with mods from the new Minecraft versions.


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