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minecraft mod Armorless & More

Armorless & More

Game Version: 1.18.1
Total Downloads: 2,177
Updated: Jan 14, 2022
Created: Aug 15, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Armorless-FORGE-1.18.1-v2.4.0.jar release 33.78 KB Jan 14, 2022 1.18.1 50 download Armorless & More Armorless-FORGE-1.18.1-v2.4.0.jar releaseDownload
Armorless-FORGE-1.17.1-v2.3.0.jar release 33.76 KB Jul 28, 2021 1.17.1 1,317 download Armorless & More Armorless-FORGE-1.17.1-v2.3.0.jar releaseDownload
Armorless-FORGE-1.16.3-v2.2.0.jar release 31.68 KB Sep 29, 2020 1.16.3 431 download Armorless & More Armorless-FORGE-1.16.3-v2.2.0.jar releaseDownload
Armorless-FORGE-1.15.2-v2.1.0.jar release 32.60 KB Sep 24, 2020 1.15.2 319 download Armorless & More Armorless-FORGE-1.15.2-v2.1.0.jar releaseDownload
Armorless-FORGE-1.15.2-v2.0.jar release 30.22 KB Sep 20, 2020 1.15.2 23 download Armorless & More Armorless-FORGE-1.15.2-v2.0.jar releaseDownload
Armorless-V1-0 release 26.79 KB Aug 15, 2020 1.15.2 37 download Armorless & More Armorless-V1-0 releaseDownload


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You behold a lightweight mod that adds a couple specific things.

The Unseen Armor

Crafted out of Phantom Membranes, this armor has no protection stats and isn't visible on player when worn, also unbreakable. What's the point? Primarily it is a tool for those who may want to take on a challenge of beating the game without any actual armor, but still wants to have some useful abilities that can only be possessed through armor enchantments, alike Respiration or Depth Strider. It's enchantability resides between that of diamond and golden armor – to be specific, diamond armor enchantability is measured as 10, golden – 25, while this armor has 16.

Unseen Armor

Crafting Recipes:

Unseen Helmet Craft

Unseen Helmet Craft

Unseen Chetsplate Craft

Unseen Leggings Craft

Unseen Boots Craft


Sharpshooter Enchantment

New enchantment for crossbows that works similar to Power on bows, albeit not entirely. Instead of your crossbow's damage varying from 6 to 9 like it does by default, with this enchantment it is calculated as 6 + (3*[Sharpshooter Level]), totaling out at stable 21 damage with Sharpshooter V.

It isn't compatible with Multishot or Piercing though, because you don't get all the good stuff at once.

Ceaseless Enchantment

Another crossbow enchantment that has effects similar to Infinity on bows. Just as the latter, it only works with default vanilla arrows – fireworks and arrows with potion effects will still be consumed.

Both of the new enchantments can be stored on enchanted books for applying through Anvil and obtained in Enchanting Table. They are considered rare enchantments.

Crossbow Enchants


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Important Notice:

On 1.16.3, Sharpshooter and Ceaseless enchantments were merged into Enigmatic Legacy. According to the will of the former author, they are still provided by this mod either, but only if Enigmatic Legacy is not present in modpack.



  • Jusey1z, the former author of this mod who came up with ideas behind it.


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