Minecraft [BBrains] RandomTP mod 2024 download
minecraft mod [BBrains] RandomTP

[BBrains] RandomTP

Game Version: 1.19.3
Total Downloads: 242
Updated: Dec 24, 2022
Created: Sep 14, 2022
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RandomTP-1.0.jar +1 More release 27.16 KB Dec 24, 2022 1.19.3 58 download [BBrains] RandomTP RandomTP-1.0.jar
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This plugin will allow the player to teleport to a random position in the world with a single command. The plugin is unique in that it has flexible tinctures.



  • Support for most versions of the Minecraft
  • Ability to connect your own translation files. Default is English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Live technical support on the BreakBrains team server
  • Open source code
  • No copyright

How does it work?

  • Stop the server
  • Extract the «RandomTP.jar» to the «plugins» folder
  • Extract plugins from the dependencies section to the «plugins» folder
  • Start the server
  • Configure the configs in the «plugins/RandomTP/»
  • Grant permissions to plugin commands
  • Write the command /randomtp reload
  • Done


  • /randomtp – main plugin commands. Use /homes help to see the available list of commands
  • /randomtp info – plugin information
  • /randomtp help – plugin commands
  • /randomtp reload – reload plugin settings
  • /randomtp debug – view debugging information
  • /randomtp update – checking for available plugin updates
  • /rtp – teleport to a random point in the world
    [ ] – required parameter, <> – optional parameter


  • bbrains.randomtp.* – full access to the plugin
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.* – access to all plugin commands
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.main – access to the «/homes» command
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.help – given access to the «/homes help» command
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.info – given access to the «/homes info»
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.debug – given access to the «/homes debug» command
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.update – given access to the «/homes update» command
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.reload – given access to the «/homes reload» command
  • bbrains.randomtp.cmd.rtp – given access to the «/rtp» command
    Install the PermissionEx or LuckPerms plugin


  • [Vault]
  • <PremissionEx> or <LuckPerms>
  • <SafeTP>
    [ ] – required parameter, <> – optional parameter


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