Minecraft Better Improved Ghast Remastered mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Better Improved Ghast Remastered

Better Improved Ghast Remastered

Game Version: 1.19.2
Total Downloads: 40
Updated: Dec 18, 2022
Created: Dec 9, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
GhastRemastered[2].zip release 73.07 KB Dec 18, 2022 1.19.2 5 download Better Improved Ghast Remastered GhastRemastered[2].zip releaseDownload
GhastRemastered[1].zip release 41.92 KB Dec 9, 2022 1.19.2 35 download Better Improved Ghast Remastered GhastRemastered[1].zip releaseDownload



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Requires Optifine Of Any Minecraft Version.

Or For Fabric: CEM Mod


This pack turns the Ghast mob into a “remastered” version, if you could call it that, because it resembles more of an iconic spaceship rather than a giant jellyfish. There’s a story behind on what made me model this into this ressemblance instead of the usual jellyfish model.


This Ghast Model are based on 3 things:


Centaur Class (closely related) from
“Star Trek”
by Gene Roddenbery


Ghast Texture:
Ghast from
“Player Mob Models”
by Me


Jet Propelled Legs:
Skewer specie from
by Wayne Barlowe




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