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minecraft mod Carnelian Mod

Carnelian Mod

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 350
Updated: May 27, 2021
Created: Jan 20, 2021

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
carnelian-1.16.5_1.8.1.jar release 5.86 MB May 27, 2021 1.16.5 50 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.5_1.8.1.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.5_1.8.0.jar release 5.86 MB May 25, 2021 1.16.5 24 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.5_1.8.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.5_1.7.1.jar release 5.84 MB May 25, 2021 1.16.5 9 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.5_1.7.1.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.5_1.7.0.jar release 5.78 MB May 25, 2021 1.16.5 9 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.5_1.7.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.6.1.jar release 5.85 MB Feb 28, 2021 1.16.4 52 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.6.1.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.6.0.jar release 5.80 MB Jan 28, 2021 1.16.4 64 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.6.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.3.jar release 5.77 MB Jan 26, 2021 1.16.4 17 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.3.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.2.jar release 5.77 MB Jan 24, 2021 1.16.4 21 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.2.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.1.jar release 5.77 MB Jan 24, 2021 1.16.4 8 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.1.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.0.jar release 5.77 MB Jan 24, 2021 1.16.4 18 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.5.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.4.0.jar release 5.73 MB Jan 23, 2021 1.16.4 9 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.4.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.3.0.jar release 1.78 MB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 26 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.3.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.2.2.jar release 355.45 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 4 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.2.2.jar releaseDownload
carnelian-1.16.4_1.2.1.jar release 352.73 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 8 download Carnelian Mod carnelian-1.16.4_1.2.1.jar releaseDownload
carnelian_1.2.0.jar release 352.72 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 6 download Carnelian Mod carnelian_1.2.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian_1.1.2.jar release 338.27 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 5 download Carnelian Mod carnelian_1.1.2.jar releaseDownload
carnelian_1.1.1.jar release 338.03 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 4 download Carnelian Mod carnelian_1.1.1.jar releaseDownload
carnelian_1.1.0.jar release 338.04 KB Jan 21, 2021 1.16.4 3 download Carnelian Mod carnelian_1.1.0.jar releaseDownload
carnelian_1.0.0.jar release 162.09 KB Jan 20, 2021 1.16.4 13 download Carnelian Mod carnelian_1.0.0.jar releaseDownload



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Hey there! This is my very first mod that I've finally created and uploaded, I had made it like a year ago and didn't do anything with it. It's not the most advanced thing in the world, but it's mine.



This mod adds:

– Rock Candy Ore, an ore that drops one of five colored variations of Rock Candy. A consumable found underground!

– Deep Stone Ore, for making blue-colored stone bricks and smooth stone. Found below Y-level 24 in the Overworld.

– Overgrowth, for making green-colored stone bricks and smooth stone. Found in the Nether replacing Netherrack.

– Void Essence Ore, for making purple-colored stone bricks and smooth stone. Found in the End.

– Carnelian Ore, for making red-colored stone bricks and smooth stone, along with three different tiers of weapons and tools. Mining with a pickaxe below Diamond-tier will drop Shards, while mining with Diamond-tier and above will drop Crystals. There is also a third tier that I will not spoil!

– Four types of wands: Flame Wand (fire projectiles), Frost Wand (freezes water and lava), Nature Wand (for growing crops like bonemeal and putting grass on dirt blocks), and the Void Wand (uses durability to summon ender pearls).

– Contained Organic, which will either bonemeal the plant growing directly on top of it, or will bonemeal the crops in a 3×3 above it a little more slowly.

– Iron Plating blocks, with a decent blast resistance and added for a metal-looking block.


Thank you for checking out my mod, and thank everyone for over 200 downloads!


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