Minecraft Colds: Enchants 2.0 mod 2022 download
minecraft mod Colds: Enchants 2.0

Colds: Enchants 2.0

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 1,677
Updated: Jul 10, 2021
Created: Jun 20, 2021
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Earlier Versions

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ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.5 release 228.38 KB Jul 10, 2021 1.16.5 0 download Colds: Enchants 2.0 ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.5 releaseDownload
ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.4 release 228.32 KB Jul 9, 2021 1.16.5 66 download Colds: Enchants 2.0 ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.4 releaseDownload
ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.3 release 227.90 KB Jul 7, 2021 1.16.5 385 download Colds: Enchants 2.0 ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.3 releaseDownload
ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.2 release 223.99 KB Jul 4, 2021 1.16.5 389 download Colds: Enchants 2.0 ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.2 releaseDownload
ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.1 release 206.35 KB Jul 3, 2021 1.16.5 295 download Colds: Enchants 2.0 ColdEnchants2.0(Forge1.16.5)vrs1.0.1 releaseDownload



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Adds over 50!!! new Enchants gathered from my past mods and some new ones as well!


1.0.2 Enchant List

  • Bane of the Undead – Increases damage against Undead Targets. REMOVED and Replaced with Nether Bane (Was to similar to Smite)
  • Berserker – Causes you to deal additional damage when applied to Leather.
  • Blinding – Attacks cause your target to go Blind and Slows them.
  • Botanist – Sprinting causes plants to grow at your feet.
  • Bounding – Allows you to perform a Sprinting Jump.
  • Butchering – Animals drop more meat when killed.
  • Cat Paw – Causes Creepers to run from you.
  • Chopper – Chop down an entire tree in one break.  Crouching will cancel this effect.
  • Cleave – More powerful version of Swiping with no cooldown.
  • Counter – Being attacked has a chance to instantly strike back at your attacker.
  • Crit – Chance to inflict additional damage.
  • Death Wish – The lower you health, the more damage you'll do.
  • Elder Protection – Increases damage done to Guardians and grants immunity to Mining Fatigue.
  • Ender Pull – Throw an Ender Pearl with a Right Click.  Entities hit will be teleported to you.
  • Ender Throw – Throw and Ender Pearl with a Right Click and Teleport to it's impact position.
  • Escape Artist – Crouch + Right Click to teleport to the Surface.
  • Fireball – Throws a Fireball when you Right Click, igniting entities hit.
  • Firebrand – Deals additional damage if your target is on Fire.
  • Float – Attacks have a chance to cause your target to float.
  • Flurry – Attacks have a 50/50 chance to perform a Flurry Attack.  Each Flurry Attack has a 50/50 chance to do another Flurry Attack.
  • Freeze – Attacks slow your target.
  • Frostball – Throw a Frostball when you Right Click, slowing entities hit.
  • Frostfire – Throw a Frostfire ball when you Right Click, slowing and igniting entities hit.
  • Golden Bite – Take a bite out of your Golden Tool to regenerate hunger.
  • Gravity – Pulls nearby entities to your target.
  • Healing – Attacks have a chance to heal you.
  • Hearthing – When applied to a Compass, it allows you to save a location and teleport back to it at any time.
  • Juggernaut – Sprinting into blocks will break and harvest them.
  • Levitate – Right Click to temporarily levitate.
  • Life Stealing – Attacks have a chance to do additional damage to your target and heal you for the damage dealt.
  • Momentum – Attacks cause you to run faster for a short time.
  • Nether Bane – Increases damage against Nether Creatures.
  • Nether Run – Increases run speed through out the Nether.
  • Night Vision – Allows the user to see in the dark.
  • Nourish – Attacks have a chance to regenerate hunger.
  • Poseidon's Call – Right Click to gain Dolphin's Grace for a short time.
  • Phantom – Phantoms will no longer attack you.
  • Poison Cloud – Attacks have a chance to spawn a Poison Cloud at your location.
  • Radiance – Attacks have a chance to spawn a Healing Cloud at your location.
  • Reinforced – Items cannot get below 1 Durability (work in progress)
  • Renew – Your item will slowly regenerate Durability over time.
  • Restful – Sleeping in a bed grants temporary bonuses.
  • Sand Wall – Right Click to build a temporary sand wall.
  • Scavenger – Breaking Grass and Tall Grass will sometimes yield Emeralds. (Not Grass Blocks)
  • Slimy – Causes you to stick to ceilings when applied to your Helm, Slide down walls when applied to your Chest, Negate falling damage when applied to your Legs, and grants Jump Boost when applied to your Boots.
  • Smithing – A more powerful version of Mending.
  • Steal – Grants a chance to steal Emeralds when attacking Humanoid Targets.
  • Strength – Increases attack damage.
  • Summoner – Has a chance to summon a minion to fight with you.
  • Torchbringer – Attacking in low light can spawn a Torch.
  • Venom – Attacks poison your target.
  • Wanderer – When applied to a compass, you'll be able to teleport to a random location when Right Clicked, or teleport home when Crouch + Right Click.
  • Warding – Being attacked has a chance to apply an absorb buff to you.
  • Water Breathing – Grants Water Breathing.
  • Weighted – More Powerful version of Knock back.
  • Wisdom – Attacks have a chance to break open an "Bottle o Experience" at your feet.
  • Wisp Caller – Attacks have a chance to summon wisps to battle your foes.
  • Wither – Attacks apply the wither effect.
  • YoYo – Grants a powerful speed boost and negates falling damage for 60 seconds.  When the time ends, you're teleported back to where you started.


All Enchants are Compatible with Enchantment Descriptions Mod as well!



Now you can disable/enable Enchantments in Survival mod, but still give them out with commands!


Players upgrading to version 1.0.2 may find previously enchanted gear to be missing Cold Enchants.  This was due to a change to the Mod ID.   Previously csechants…  it is now coldenchants2.  This was done to more easily give enchantments using commands.

Sorry for the troubles!


If you have any trouble with these enchants, or just want to say Hi…



john doe
21.10.2021 at 03:10

what do you put the scavenger enchant on?

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