Minecraft Crazy_Adventures Presents: Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Crazy_Adventures Presents: Five Nights at Freddy’s 1

Crazy_Adventures Presents: Five Nights at Freddy’s 1

Game Version: 1.17
Total Downloads: 225
Updated: Jun 30, 2021
Created: Jun 23, 2021
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Five Night's at Freddy's 0.0.1 (06-29-2021) release 83.24 MB Jun 30, 2021 1.17 125 download Crazy_Adventures Presents: Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 Five Night's at Freddy's 0.0.1 (06-29-2021) releaseDownload
Map Stuff.zip release 83.40 MB Jun 23, 2021 1.17 100 download Crazy_Adventures Presents: Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 Map Stuff.zip releaseDownload


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Please make sure you read EVERYTHING before playing the game, thank you. Also, if you have found any bugs that are not on the list please let me know, I will try to fix it. Also, also, I will be updating this game pretty often.

What this is:
This is a fully functional recreation of the first Five Nights at Freddy's game in Minecraft.
It has moveable animatronics that 1-4 players can control with 1 person playing as the security guard.
20+ Different audio for the game including the sounds from the original game.
Phone Guy is here.
Full exterior that may be changed sooner or later.
Wouldn't recommend it but, you can wear the suits if you really want to.

What it includes:
-Nights 1-5
-Movable animatronics
-Wearable suits
-Fully Functional Security cameras
-Fully Functional Power system
-Custom Resource Packs and Data packs (Required)
-Nightly Phone Call Recordings
-Time System(Shows half hour marks too)
-Full interior of the Pizzeria
-Full exterior

Set up instructions:
-Click the download link, it will open a page to Minecraft Curseforge.
-There you will see that you can download a .ZIP file, please do so.
NOTE: If your PC warns you that the files are harmful, the statement is false. It may be because
there are some files in the .ZIP that it may unfamiliar with since PCs don't normally deal with .mcpack files.
-IF that does happen, click "Okay" or whatever allows your PC to allow the download.
-Next, open file explorer, that is the .exe that allows you to open your files.
-Click download, then you should see at the top a .ZIP file named "Map+Stuff"
-Click and hold to drag the file to your desktop
-After doing so, right click on the screen to create a new folder, then drag the .ZIP into your new folder.
-Open the new folder and right click the .ZIP and click "Extract files" wait for it to be done.
-Make sure Minecraft is closed, then open one of the four Minecraft icons and wait for the download to complete.
-Close Minecraft, then repeat the past two steps intel the four files are done downloading
-Open your Minecraft file. If you don't know where Minecraft is located, open Minecraft
-Then click settings, then scroll and open Creator, it should be under General.
-At the bottom of the page, it will say "Content Log Location:" Open a new File Explorer tab and follow the instructions to open that window.
-When you get to LocalState, click "games" instead. Then click "com.mojang" Congratulations, you have opened Minecraft's files.
-Next, open "minecraftWorlds" on a open window with the desktop folder open, click and drag the folder named "kc-OYPC-AAA=" into the window
with your Minecraft worlds open. After that, close both windows and open Minecraft again.
-Click "Play" and in "Worlds" you should see a map called "FNaF 1" with the game mode set to Adventure
– Click on the Pencil icon on the right side of the world to edit it. Then click "Behavior Packs"
-The packs that should be under Active are "Copper Equipments Behavior Pack…" and "Lance Furtniture Addon (B)"
-IF they are not, click "MY PACKS" and you should click on the two packs and click "Activate"
-After that, double check "ACTIVE" to see if they are active, then click "Resource Packs"
-Now, it is recommended to play on this world with two or more people so make sure to turn on "Require players to accept resource packs to join"
the map will NOT work without ANY of these recourse packs and behavior packs activated.
-Click "ACTIVE" and look for "Lance Furniture Addon (R)", "FNaF 1 assests v2.3.4" and "Copper Equipments Resource Pack…"
-IF one or more resource packs are not there, click "MY PACKS" and look for the missing packs and activate them.
-Once done, click Multiplayer and set it to however you want it to be. Once done, click play and have fun!

Bugs and Problems to avoid:
-If you press the Phone when the night begins, the phone will still ring. Wait to play the phone call when it starts to ring.
-If you spam the levers for the doors, it can break them. Wait to open/close them when they are FULLY closed/open before changing their state.
-The cameras are very to break so be sure to leave the cameras BEFORE leaving the world.
-Make sure only ONE night is activated before starting the game.
-Sometimes the animatronics will be facing the wrong way on the cameras, just press the button again.
-When you press the "Attack" button, it will set the animatronics into a loop state. DO NOT PRESS ANY BOTTONS INTEL THE ANIMATRONIC INDICATION SYSTEM SHOWS THEM IN A PREVEIUS STATE! THEY WILL GO BACK ON THEIR OWN!
-When it turns 6 AM on Night 5, open ALL the doors, it will TP you out of the room.
-Be careful when using the security cameras, you will not hear the audio cues of Foxy running or the ones for Bonnie and Chica, You may not even hear Freddy laugh when he goes to the Office corner.
-Okay so this isn't really a bug it's just more of a note. If Freddy goes into the E. Hall Corner, you really do have a small window of time to close the door because if he gets in, there's no stopping him. So once he's in the office, not even the doors will save you. You will just have to pray that the time will expire before YOU do.

Set the settings:
Pause –> Video –> Brightness to 25% or lower
Pause –> Audio –> Set all of them to 100%
Pause –> Audio –> Set Music to 0%
Pause –> Audio –> Set Weather to 25% or higher
!!!SECURITY GUARD ONLY!!! Pause –> Video –> In-game Player Names = Off

How to play:
-When you spawn in, go through the spawn place. !!!READ EVERYTHING CARFULLY BEFORE MOVING ON!!!
-When you press play, you will be teleported to the parking lot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, walk to the left side to the dumpster and you will see a dirt path, follow the dirt parth.
-When you get to the end of the path, you should see a command block in a tree named "Choose Role", press the button on it.
-You will be teleported to the Main Control Game Room. In that room, you should see 5 Redstone lamps with levers on them with signs that read Nights 1-5 all off. Select the night of your choosing.
-On the wall with Nights 4 and 5, you will see a command block that says "Go to PowerRoom" Press it.
-You have been teleported into the Game's Power Room. The power consists of 3 Hoppers filled with Blocks of Redstone that feed into a chest. At the end of each game, you must come to this room and grab ALL of the blocks and put them back into the hoppers. You will have reset the power for the office.
-Back in the Main Control Game Room, you should see two Droppers with signs above them, one should read "Animatronic Role Picker" and the other one reads "Who comes out is security guard" and between them you should see a Barrel filled with paper and an Anvil on top grab as much paper as you need from the barrel, rename them and place them into the Dropper.
-Press the button, whoever's name is on the paper is now the security guard, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE SECURITY GUARD!
-To the right of that Dropper is another Dropper that has 4 pieces of concreate named "Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy" with their perspective colors. This is only necessary if there are two or more people playing as animatronics. Press the button and whoever comes out is who you control, when the Dropper is empty or everyone has their character, put the concreate back in the Dropper along with the paper of the Night Guard. The Night Guard will have to Pause the game —> Settings —> Video —> In-game Player Names = Off. To leave the Main Control Game Room, go to the stairway between Main Control Game Room and Bonnie's control room. Beneath the stairs is a command block named "Go back!" Press it and walk inside the Pizzeria, you'll figure out the rest.
-Once everyone is at their perspective places, press the button that says "Start Game" it is located in the Main Control Game Room om the wall with the Security Guard selection system. Have fun!!

What does what mean:
-You may see that there are item frames with a characters head in them, you can take it off the item frame and wear it.
-Moving sounds? When played, it will make a footstep sound in the hallway the character goes down in.
-She/He's here!? In the first FNaF game, Bonnie and Chica play a stinger when they are seen at your doorway, I tried to put it into the game, but it just put a audio cue into the game which made the game incredibly easy. As a way to combat this, I made it so you can play that same sound to "fake out" the security guard.
-Door pounding? It is the sound Bonnie makes when he's in the West Hall Closet, so I made it so you can play it.
-Song? It is the song that Shadow Bonnie plays in the FNaF 3 Mini-Game.
-Ciurcis music? It is a song that Chica plays randomly in FNaF 1 so I added it into my FNaF 1 game.
-Foxy's Song? Foxy in the first FNaF game will randomly sing the word "Dumb" in a creepy way, of course I would add it into the game.
-Kinda here? It is the stinger Bonnie and Chica play only it's speed up 100% for extra spookiness.
-Creepy song? It is the Toreador March (The song Freddy plays in FNaF 1 when you run out of power and when he's in the kitchen) and it is slowed down by 25% for a creepy vibe.
-You may have seen a Emerald block on all of the floors where you control the animatronics, this is a indication system to show you where they are in the pizzeria.
-You may see that at the end of the hallways on all of the animatronic control rooms that there is a piece of red/green Terracotta, it is a indication system to tell you if the door is closed or not to help you form a plan with your animatronic buddy(s) Green means the door is open, red means the door is closed.
-Another thing at the end of the hallway is a command block named "Back" it will teleport you to the end of the hallway, it is just to make it easier if you're controlling two or more animatronics and if you're playing the sounds.
-You may have seen that there is a room in the stairwell between the Main Control Game Room and Bonnie's Control Room, BESURE TO STEP ON ONE PRESSURE PLATE AT A TIME ON BOTH SIDES, THEY ARE RIGED TO TELEPORT THE CLOSEST PLAYER TO THEM, It is just a little room with no barrier blocks on the tables so you can to parkour if you'd like. It is meant to be a waiting lobby for you and your friend(s) if you're waiting for someone else. This room is called "The Waiting Room" There is a Jukebox that plays "FNaF 3, Don't Go" at a barley audible level, this is so if you end up starting the game like right away, the song won't drown out any important sounds the security guard has to lesson out for.

The Different Game Modes:
-Game mode 1, Challenge Mode: In The Waiting Room, you may have seen that up on the wall lies a glass container with two signs on top that read "The first people who survived Five Nights at Freddy's", if read left to right. I call it "The Wall of Survivors" If you wish to end up on The Wall of Survivors, you must livestream yourself beating Challenge Mode all in one take after commenting me that you wish to try to end up on the wall. We will discuses the rest afterwards. The way Challenge Mode works is you have 4 people controlling ALL 4 animatronics, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the bunny, Chica the chicken, and Foxy the Pirate fox, and you must beat Night 1-5 and if you die once, you will have failed the challenge and you will have to restart back at Night 1. The animatronics will still follow their normal paths and difficulty from the first game and your power will still reset at the start of each night.
-Game mode 2, Night Selector Mode: You just pick any of the 5 nights and you play them as you normally would. Everyone still follows their path from FNaF 1 like normal and your power will still, of course, reset after each night. I would recommend doing Night Selector Mode to train yourself BEFORE doing Challenge Mode.

-Bonnie: (On first floor, Active on Night 1, may get to your door on Night 1 activates on Night 1 at 1:00-1:30. Night 2, Bonnie is a little more aggressive and activates around 1:00, he will show up at your door about 2 times. Night 3, Bonnie is even more aggressive and will activate around 12:30. Night 4, Bonnie will be active when the night starts and is even more aggressive. Night 5, Bonnie still activates at 12 and is really aggressive)  Starts at Stage, Stage —> Dining Room, Dining Room —> Backstage-01, Backstage-01 —> Dining Room, Dining Room —> West Hall, West Hall —> W. Hall Closet, W. Hall Closet —> West Hall, West Hall —> W. Hall Corner, W. Hall Corner —> Office Door. (IF you get to Office Door and your attack failed, go back to Dining Room —> West Hall. Note: Go back to Stage if the power runs out, you'll know when it happens.)

-Chica: (On second floor, Active on Night 1, probably won't show up in E. Hall Corner, little less aggressive than Bonnie on nights 1-3 Bonnie ALWAYS moves first, IF Bonnie hasn't moved by 2:00 on Night 1 then move. Night 2 Little more aggressive, but still less aggressive than Bonnie, MIGHT show up at Office door. Night 3, bit more aggressive, but still a little less aggressive than Bonnie, will show up at Office door at lest once, Night 3 a lot more aggressive, but still a little less aggressive than Bonnie, will show up at lest twice. Night 4 even more aggressive, same level of aggression as Bonnie. Night 5, really aggressive, same level of aggression as Bonnie)  Starts at Stage, Stage —> Dining Room, Dining Room —> Bathroom 1, Bathroom 1 —> Bathroom 2, Bathroom 2 —> Dining Room, Dining Room —> Kitchen, Kitchen —> Dining Room, Dining Room —> East Hall1, East Hall1 —> East Hall 2, East Hall2 —> E. Hall Corner, E. Hall Corner —> Office Door. (IF you get to Office Door and your attack failed, go back to Dining Room —> East Hall1. Note: Go back to Stage if the power runs out, you'll know when it happens.)

-Foxy: (On third floor, Active on Night 2, activates at around 2:00-2:30 probably won't attack on Night 2. Night 3, Activates at around 1:30-2:00 a bit more aggressive, will show up at lest once or twice. Night 4, Activates around 1:00-1:30, quite a bit more aggressive, will show up around 2-3 times. Night 5, Activates around 12:30-1:00, a LOT more aggressive, will show up 3-4 times.)  Off —> Pose 1, Pose 1 —> Pose 2, Pose 2 —> Run! (IF your attack run was unsuccessful, go back to Off —> Pose 1. Note: Go back to Off if the power runs out, you'll know when it happens.)

-Freddy (On fourth floor, Active on Night 3 Same level of aggression as Chica. Night 4, same level of aggression as Bonnie. Night 5, quite a bit more aggressive than Bonnie on his Night 5, you're likely to end up running out of power if you haven't already.)  Starts at Stage, Stage —> Dining Room, Dining Room —> Bathroom, Bathroom —> Kitchen, Kitchen —> East Hall, East Hall —> E. Hall Corner (IF your attack run was unsuccessful, go back to East Hall —> E. Hall Corner)

How to use the Office equipment/What to expect as The Security Guard:
-Doors = There are two doors, one on your left, and another on your right. You may see two levers at the bottom, these control your doors. Use them wisely and remember that Bonnie and Chica both have audio cues, but the can be played even if they're not at the door. None of the animatronics expect Foxy is a real threat intel they get into the W./E. Hall Corners.
-Lights = You have two lights, one on your left, and another on your right, they are located on the opposite side of the wall of where the door controls are, they may not be 100% necessary, but they can BE useful from time to time.
-Phone = You may see that there is a Phone(Stone Button) located on your desk, you will find that you may have at lest 1 message on the phone each night, wait intel the Phone rings before you answer it.
-Security Cameras = You may see that there is a large Computer Monitor, keyboard, and mouse on your desk, walk up to it, it won't bite you. If you put your corsair over the base of the monitor and the stick holding up the screen, and right-click(On for console, right trigger) to access the security cameras. To change the cameras right-click(On for console, right trigger) again to change them, there are a total of 8 Security cameras. Press spacebar(For console, jump) to leave the cameras. Cam 1 = East Hall and E. Hall Corner. Cam 2 = West Hall and W. Hall Corner. Cam 3 = W. Hall Closet. Cam 4 = Kitchen. Cam 5 = Pirates Cove and Show Stage. Cam 6 = Back Stage. Cam 7 = Bathrooms. Cam 8 = Dining Room.

Ageddevistation – Beta tester
AwsomeAyson80 – Beta tester
Blacknite720 – Beta tester
Crazy_Adventures – Creator – Beta tester – Redstone Engineer – Builder
Ironhead8 – Beta tester
Jujuthereaper17 – Beta tester
kidleobiddo – Beta tester
Midnight123 – Beta tester
Redranger1411 – Beta tester – Co-Builder

The first people who survived Five Nights at Freddy's:
-BlueSnoopy06 = Completed on 04-14-2021
-blacknight730 = Completed on 04-15-2021


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