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Easy Magic

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 1,154,950
Updated: Sep 1, 2021
Created: Mar 12, 2021
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
EasyMagic-v1.0.3-1.16.5.jar release 125.72 KB Sep 1, 2021 1.16.5 0 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0.3-1.16.5.jar releaseDownload
EasyMagic-v1.0.2-1.16.5.jar release 123.02 KB Mar 20, 2021 1.16.5 1,152,301 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0.2-1.16.5.jar releaseDownload
EasyMagic-v1.0.2-1.15.2.jar release 123.07 KB Mar 19, 2021 1.15.2 713 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0.2-1.15.2.jar releaseDownload
EasyMagic-v1.0.1-1.16.5.jar release 122.95 KB Mar 18, 2021 1.16.5 1,323 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0.1-1.16.5.jar releaseDownload
EasyMagic-v1.0.1-1.15.2.jar release 123.00 KB Mar 17, 2021 1.15.2 65 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0.1-1.15.2.jar releaseDownload
EasyMagic-v1.0-1.16.5.jar release 122.74 KB Mar 15, 2021 1.16.5 523 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0-1.16.5.jar releaseDownload
EasyMagic-v1.0-1.15.2.jar release 122.78 KB Mar 14, 2021 1.15.2 25 download Easy Magic EasyMagic-v1.0-1.15.2.jar releaseDownload



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📖 About:

Easy Magic enables enchanting tables to retain their inventory contents even after closing the interface.

📚 Contents:

Enchanting tables now have an Inventory, meaning any items placed in their two slots will stay in those slots. Additionally, to enable some basic automation, Hoppers can be used to input and output items in the following ways.

  • Top: Input for enchantable items
  • Sides: Input for lapis lazuli
  • Bottom: Output for enchanted items

And Comparators work, too! They will output a signal strength of 0, 1, 2, or 3 depending on the amount of lapis lazuli items placed in the table. More than 3 items don't make a difference.

To put the new inventory capability to good use, enchanting tables will Render Their Contents in the world. There are three different rendering modes to choose from.

Re-Rolling Enchantments has become extremely easy. Just like back in the day all that's required is to take your enchantable item from its slot and to place it back in.

Enchanting tooltips will show not just a single random enchantment, instead they show the Complete Outcome of the enchanting process. This feature is disabled by default.

Bookshelves no longer require Air Blocks between themselves and the enchanting table to count towards the current enchanting power. Instead, any block without a collision box, such as water, torches, or grass can be placed in between. Also the Number Of Bookshelves required for maximum level enchantments can be configured.

Chipped and damaged Anvils Can Be Repaired by one stage using iron ingots. A successful repair is not guaranteed. Therefore as an alternative an iron block can be used, which will fully repair an anvil without taking a chance.

✏️ Notes:

No new capabilities will be added to existing enchanting tables. You will need to manually break and replace the block. Same goes for converting enchanting tables back to vanilla after removing the mod.

Looking to improve not only enchanting tables, but also enchantments themselves? Check out Sneaky Magic, Easy Magic's sister mod.

Looking to add similar capabilities to the anvil? Check out Anvil Tweaks, a mod made by Tfarecnim.

Looking for a similar mod on Fabric? Check out Lapis Reserve, a mod made by Sfort, and Reroll, a mod made by Draylar1.

For Easy Magic to fully function it needs to be installed on both the client and server.

🏆 Credits:

Developing Easy Magic was helped and inspired by:

  • Vazkii for the floating inventory contents rendering code taken from their Botania mod

📷 Media:

   All enchantments can be shown on the enchanting tooltip    Render Enchanting Table Contents "Fancy Floating" option   
   Render Enchanting Table Contents "Floating" option    Render Enchanting Table Contents "Flat" option   
   Enchanting with bookshelves works underwater    A simple automation setup using hoppers   
   An anvil being repaired using iron ingots        



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