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Enhancer Mod

Game Version: 1.12
Total Downloads: 1,229
Updated: Jul 19, 2017
Created: Jul 18, 2017

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Enhancer_1.12v_1.0.0 beta 318.84 KB Jul 19, 2017 1.12 647 download Enhancer Mod Enhancer_1.12v_1.0.0 betaDownload
Enhancer_1.11.2v_1.0.0 beta 313.04 KB Jul 18, 2017 1.11.2 262 download Enhancer Mod Enhancer_1.11.2v_1.0.0 betaDownload
Enhancer_1.10.2v_1.0.0 beta 306.09 KB Jul 18, 2017 1.10.2 320 download Enhancer Mod Enhancer_1.10.2v_1.0.0 betaDownload



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Enhancer mod adds to the game items called Modifiers. They can boost player abilities, give him positive effects, protect him and help him fight against  enemies! There are Combat, Utility and Defence modifiers. Player can store them in special inventory. To open it, press H key(default, you can change it in the options). Also this mod adds Lightning Energy (LT) to charge modifiers. This energy is stored in a block called Ultimate Charger. When the weather is rainy, the lightning strikes charge him.


So, to make the modifiers work you need to open Enhancer inventory and put them there (or you can press right mouse button while holding a modifiers and it will be automatically put in first free slot):


Here is the full Modifiers list:

Combat modifiers:

  • On hit: Increased damage to armor
  • On hit: Sets fire to your enemies
  • On hit: Imposes poison effect on your enemies
  • On hit: Imposes wither effect on your enemies
  • On hit: Imposes blind effect on your enemies
  • On hit: Imposes slow effect on your enemies
  • On hit: 20 percent chance to get Sthrength effect
  • On hit: Gives jump effect
  • On hit: Gives speed effect
  • On hit: Chance to disarm your enemy
  • On hit: Creates explosion near your enemy
  • On hit: Imposes unluck effect on your enemies
  • On hit: Imposes hunger effect on your enemies
  • On hit: 50 percent chance to kill your enemy and 50 percent that you will be killed instead
  • On hit: Heal effect
  • On hit: 15 percent chance to steal health
  • On hit: Chance to deal additional magic damage
  • On hit: Absorbtion effect
  • On hit: Deal 20 percent of your attack damage to nearby enemies
  • On hit: Imposes mining fatigue effect on your enemies
  • On hit: Imposes nausea effect on your enemies
  • On hit: Replaces your health with enemy health
  • On hit: Lightnings strike all enemies in a radius
  • On hit: Randomly teleports your enemy
  • On hit: Imposes levitation effect on your enemies

Utility modifiers:

  • Passively: Gives speed effect
  • Passively: Gives jump effect
  • Passively: Gives levitation effect
  • Passively: Gives invisibility effect
  • Passively: Gives regeneration effect
  • Passively: Simple magnet. Attracts all items in radius
    Passively: Gives water breath effect when in the water
  • Passively: Automatically gives night vision effect in dark places
  • Passively: Flight
  • Passively: Increased swimming speed in the water
  • Passively: Automatically feeds the player
  • Passively: Gives water walking effect
  • Passively: Gives lava walking effect
  • Passively: Auto smelts all that you`re mining

Defence modifiers:

  • Passively: Protects the player from falling damage
  • Passively: Protects the player from poison damage
  • Passively: Protects the player from magic damage
  • On hurt: Returns up to 40 percent of taken damage to your enemy
  • Passively: Shows all invisible enemies in a radius
  • Passively: Gives fire resistance effect
  • Passively: Anti disarm modifier
  • Passively: Protects the player from arrow damage
  • Passively: Extinguish the player
  • Passively: Heals the player if his health is below 30 percent
  • Passively: Protects the player from explosion damage
  • Passively: Gives luck effect
  • On hurt: Redirects damage to nearby entities
  • Passively: Gives damage resistant effect
  • On hurt: Chance to block damage
  • On hurt: Chance to get effect of invisibility
  • On hurt: Gives absorbtion effect
  • Passively: Increased max health
  • Passively: Every 60/30/15 seconds removes one negative effect
  • On death: Saves player and modifier inventory

To charge the modifiers you need to craft Ultimate Charger and place it in the open air.

charger look

There are 4 charge slots and 2 additional slots. Capacity is 1 billion LT. These additional slots are used for increasing modifier capacity or power using Capacity or Power Upgrades. Every modifier has power and the higher is power the stonger will be effect:


Ultimate Charger uses 1M LT for one Power Upgrade operation and 500K LT for Capacity Upgrade operation.

Common Modifier:


Also, to bring rainy weather you can use Weather Wand! Right Click and wait few seconds:


There are also HUD, displaying current charge of modifiers in the inventory:




  • Over 55 combat, utility and defence modifiers;
  • Lightning energy (LT) and Ultimate Charger;
  • Weather Wand;
  • JEI support;
  • Power and Capacity Upgrades;
  • Currently 2 kinds of localization;


  • Configurtion;
  • A couple of new modifiers;
  • 1.12 update;


v1.0.0 first beta release for Minecraft 1.10.2 – 1.12











ModPack policy:

You can use this mod in modpacks only if you leave reference to this project and it will not be used for commercial purposes.

GitHub sources: link

MinecraftForum: link

Thank you for attention! I'm waiting for your opinion or suggestions!



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