Minecraft FabricSavestatesMod mod 2022 download
minecraft mod FabricSavestatesMod


Game Version: 1.14.4
Total Downloads: 290
Updated: Mar 9, 2021
Created: Nov 29, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
fabric_savestate_mod-1.0.0-1.14.4.jar release 9.30 KB Mar 9, 2021 1.14.4 46 download FabricSavestatesMod fabric_savestate_mod-1.0.0-1.14.4.jar releaseDownload
fabric_savestate_mod-1.0.0-1.16.1.jar release 11.25 KB Mar 9, 2021 1.16.1 87 download FabricSavestatesMod fabric_savestate_mod-1.0.0-1.16.1.jar releaseDownload


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Minecraft Fabric Save State

What is "save state"?

"Save state" is an action to save the current game state to another directory so you can use it whenever you need it.

Why save state?

Because when something goes wrong or something happens that you're not satisfied, you can use the saved state to recover. For example, when you died, you can reload to the latest saved state; when I broke gravels, I get no flint, I can reload to the latest saved state and try again.

How to use this mod?

Set the keybindings yourself and enjoy!


  • Save and load state


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