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minecraft mod Freethought


Game Version: 1.14.4
Total Downloads: 1,648
Updated: Sep 25, 2019
Created: Dec 24, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Freethought V3.0.zip release 165.59 KB Sep 25, 2019 1.14.4 469 download Freethought Freethought V3.0.zip releaseDownload
V2, Quality of Living Room release 64.68 KB Jul 11, 2019 1.14.3 419 download Freethought V2, Quality of Living Room releaseDownload
V1, A Fresh Start release 37.22 KB Jul 2, 2019 1.14.3 617 download Freethought V1, A Fresh Start releaseDownload



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A pack to remind me never to think too hard


I gave up on so many resource pack iterations that I just stopped making resource packs altogether. But then an idea hit me, what if I only built with what I am inspired to do, or with what I need?

The result is what I bring to you today. Freethought.


You might be wondering, where did Pearlescent go?

Well I simply didn't like where it went, and I decided not to update it. Then when I came up with this, I thought it would be best to reuse the page for Freethought instead of making a new one.

You can still find it in the archive section of the files, but I will not be updating that pack in the future.


You may use this pack in YouTube videos, on servers, in modpacks, so long as you credit me.

You may not use my models or textures without my permission, this includes server-side only resource packs and mods.

You may include my models and textures in personal, not publicly distributed packs, so long as you, well, don't distribute them, and don't claim them as your own (which means you need to credit me).


Many textures are based on versions of Jappa's textures, and the Diorite (as of me writing this) is in fact his V2. Any credit for the original textures or textures that are explicitly his, goes to him.

That being said using Jappa's path as grass is now copyrighted by me and no one else can use it! xD Jk, use it as much as you like, but know that I came up with it! Credit for that would be nice but not needed! 



The "Fresh Start" update!
– Changed models of fully grown Potatoes and Carrots, inspired by Excalibur
– Changed the texture & name of Soul Sand to Soul Clay
– Changed planks to Jappa V3
– Changed Light Gray, Green, Yellow, and regular Glass to have a bordered texture
– Changed White Glass to have similar bordered texture
– Changed lantern model, inspired by Excalibur, again
– Replaced Beetroots with Tomatoes
– Added Lettuce as Dead Tube Coral Fan
– Added Red Cabbage as Dead Bubble Coral Fan
– Added Cattails as Dead Fire Coral
– Added an overlay to Light Gray, Green, Yellow, White, and regular Glass, to finish the border


The "Quality of Living Room" update!
– Changed Red Nether Bricks & Nether Bricks to look like Red Bricks and Brown Bricks

– Changed Smooth Stone to have proper shading
– Replaced Crafting, Fletching, and Cartography Tables with Cabinets of corresponding wood colors


The "Mid-Life Crisis" update!
I basically removed most of the features before, but don't worry! Most will be back in addons later!
– Changed Iron Bar model
– Changed Iron Block texture
– Changed Coal Block texture
– Changed Trapdoors & Doors

– Changed Sign textures

– Changed Bee Hives & Nests

– Changed Grass, and Soul Sand textures

– Changed Nether & Red Nether brick textures

– Changed Rose Bushes

– Changed Diamond, Emerald, Ruby (I know) Iron & Gold nugget & ingot textures

– Changed some slabs & doubleslabs

– Added Paper Lanterns

– Probably changed a few other things, I can't remember

– DIDN"T change Kelp, and Lanterns, and maybe some other stuff.


 Mod is being postponed until 1.15's release, so that way I can see if forge will get easier using the obfuscation maps.


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