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minecraft mod Frozen Up (Fabric)

Frozen Up (Fabric)

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 44,143
Updated: May 4, 2021
Created: May 4, 2021
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Frozen up is a small mod that adds a bunch of new features while keeping in mind the classic Minecraft feel. It adds a new adorable fluffy reptile: the chilloo!


Chilloos are a tamable mob that will spawn in packs in all biomes covered in snow, they can dig up items like carrots, potatoes, and frozen truffles(they are the only source of truffles so keep an eye on them!) from dirt like blocks, you can tame them with frozen truffles, a tamed chilloo will follow the player, obey to him/her and shed its warm feathers; the player can also give it some cozy sweaters by right-clicking with a block of colored wool and then get the wool back by using shears.


With chilloo feathers the player can craft some feather blocks and a chilloo feather lamp, the chilloo feather lamp can be turned on via right-clicking and doesn't melt ice or snow.

You can tame chilloos with frozen truffles, but you can also put them in a smoker to get the truffle item. Truffles can be eaten, but you can also use them to make new food items like truffle muffins and chocolate truffle cake: truffle muffins can be eaten faster than most foods and are quite tasty, while the chocolate truffle cake is another kind of cake that looks delicious.


Mugs can be crafted with bricks in a boat shape and are really good for keeping fluids, you can transfer milk from a bucket to a mug in the crafting grid to obtain a mug of milk that clears all potion effects. You can combine a mug of milk with some cocoa beans to get a mug of chocolate milk, the mug of chocolate milk removes all your effects and gives you speed and regeneration after. You can also get a mug of truffle hot chocolate that clears all negative effects, gives you some saturation and the regeneration effect for quite a while

Would you like this mod for the Forge modloader? Here's a link to the forge page of the mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/frozen-up


If you like this mod feel free to join our discord server, a really nice place to discuss about Minecraft and chat with the community, you will also see previews of mod updates and whole new mods not released yet, plus you can also give us new suggestions! https://discord.gg/29zdcCR


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