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minecraft mod Glow Ore + items

Glow Ore + items

Game Version: 1.17
Total Downloads: 35
Updated: Jun 11, 2021
Created: Jun 11, 2021
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GloOre(1.17).zip release 748.57 KB Jun 11, 2021 1.17 35 download Glow Ore + items GloOre(1.17).zip releaseDownload



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Hello Everyone! A-51 here, I am excited to release my first resource pack! I am hooked with glowing stuff so I made my research on how to make things glow in Minecraft, apparently it was hard to find some info but I managed to find some, It was easy tbh Lol. So here's the list of things that glows ( that I can think of right now) All the ores in the game glow, all the swords glow except stone and wood, diamond, magma cream, golden apple, blaze rod, potions bottles (liquid), Redstone dust, repeaters and other components, Obsidian, Gold Block, Redstone block, lapis block, Emerald block, and Diamond block, creeper eyes, Arrows, Respawn anchor, and others that I  can't think atm. I hope you guys like the pack and let me know what to glow next! (THE GLOW EFFECT REQUIRES OPTIFINE, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE OPTIFINE THEN MAKE SURE THAT EMISSIVE TEXTURES OPTION IS ON!!!!) 


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