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Game Version: 1.8.1
Total Downloads: 1,890
Updated: May 5, 2015
Created: Jul 26, 2014
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
GroupJoinMessages v1.2.2 release 7.54 KB May 5, 2015 1.8.1 1,021 download GroupJoinMessages GroupJoinMessages v1.2.2 releaseDownload
GroupJoinMessages v1.2.1 release 7.38 KB Feb 18, 2015 1.8.1 205 download GroupJoinMessages GroupJoinMessages v1.2.1 releaseDownload
GroupJoinMessages v1.2 release 5.26 KB Feb 17, 2015 1.8.1 114 download GroupJoinMessages GroupJoinMessages v1.2 releaseDownload
GroupJoinMessages v1.1 release 4.16 KB Feb 14, 2015 1.8.1 164 download GroupJoinMessages GroupJoinMessages v1.1 releaseDownload
GroupJoinMessages v1.0 release 3.69 KB Jul 26, 2014 CB 1.7.9-R0.2 386 download GroupJoinMessages GroupJoinMessages v1.0 releaseDownload


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This plugin was made upon request from AdeebplaysMC. The original request thread can be found here: Plugin Request

GroupJoinMessages is a plugin that lets you configure custom join and quit messages for up to 15 different groups. Each group has a permission, and when a player from that group joins, it announces your custom join message to the server. You can also have this occur in specific worlds only.


  • gjm.group1
  • gjm.group2
  • gjm.group15

NOTE: If the groups on your server inherit permissions, be sure to remove the permissions of the lower groups from the higher groups. Like -gjm.group1. If you inherit permissions and you don't do that, this will happen:

Install Instructions Just drag and drop the jar into your plugins folder and start your server to load the config. Then you can configure your messages and reload the server for everything to work.

Configuration Help
GroupJoinMessages Configuration


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