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Just Blood Carts

Game Version: 1.0.0
Total Downloads: 47
Updated: Apr 30, 2020
Created: Apr 29, 2020
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Fabric mappings file (a1.1.2_01) release 30.47 KB Apr 30, 2020 1.0.0 32 download Just Blood Carts Fabric mappings file (a1.1.2_01) releaseDownload
Mod file release 89.17 KB Apr 29, 2020 1.0.0 15 download Just Blood Carts Mod file releaseDownload


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– Known issues –

* The game seems to be stuck in the default window size. It doesn't resize properly. You can change the default size with the launch arguments though.
For example, add this to your launch arguments: –width 1800 –height 1000
I think this is a Fabric issue.

* Missing features: demons should make them spawn mobs to kill you or something, but they don't.


– Mod features –

* Debug stick mode. Shift-right-click a stick on a block for instructions. Debug sticks are cheating, but it's singleplayer, so who cares.
Once activated, shift-right-click to use, and right-click to select the mode.
It has 3 settings: toggle day/night; spawn zombies; and spawn items (iron, gold, diamonds, blood, wood, lava, and water).


* Empty minecarts can go long distances without running out of momentum, just like they can when there's a player or mob inside them.

* In peaceful mode, mobs WON'T despawn, but you can't take damage, and creepers will just disappear instead of exploding.
* In peaceful mode, mobs still don't seem to spawn naturally. You can still get blood from passive mobs, mob spawners, or (for testing) by using the debug stick to spawn zombies.

* When minecarts run over mobs, they fill up with blood. Zombies are best. Yes, you can still ride them.
* When a minecart full of blood goes down a slope at high speed, the blood flies out and congeals.

* Congealed blood above or below a mob spawner will keep it running even when no player is nearby.

* Congealed blood smelts into blood ingots, which are completely useless.
* Crafting an empty bucket with 8 blood blocks around it will give you a lava bucket.
* If you launch a congealed blood block into a summoning altar, it summons a demon. (yes that thing is really a demon ok)
A summoning altar consists of: 8 congealed blood blocks, surrounding a lava block, with torches on the 4 corners.
The blood block must land exactly in the lava block. We recommend that you launch it at a wall in order to stop its horizontal movement.

* Once you have your demon, bash its head against any block to enrage it (with right-click).
Be warned – angry demons cannot be pacified again. But you can always throw them in lava and get new ones.
It takes 200 clicks to fully power up a demon.

* Demons can be used to power furnaces. The angrier the demon, the faster the smelting goes! But they are dangerous.
The angrier the demon, the more they want you to die. Remember that fire is very aggressive in this Minecraft version.
(Demons which are less than 50% angry are completely safe to use in furnaces. If they're more angry than that, the effects can be destructive so I recommend testing this outside of your base.)

* Demons can be used to power mob spawners. Shift-right-click an iron block with a demon to make a cage and put the demon in. This makes a vanilla mob spawner.
This is very useful for automatically making blood blocks and demons.
Calm demons will make animal spawners (pig/chicken/cow/sheep).
50% angry demons will make hostile mob spawners (skeleton/zombie/spider). (No slimes)
Really angry demons will make creeper spawners, always.
In-between levels will have a chance of making one or the other.
In this Minecraft version, you can't see the mob inside the spawner, so you can't see what it spawns until it spawns it.
Note: passive mobs need to spawn on grass, and hostile mob spawn rates are reduced at night in places which get lit up the sun in the day.
Note: It's a vanilla mob spawner, so you can't get it back if you break it. You have to make a new one.

* If you impale a demon on a torch (shift-right-click), which is attached to a chest (lol gl in this Minecraft version, can you figure out how?),
it picks up dropped items and puts them in the chest. The range is a 9x9x9 cube.
Handy for automating your demon summoning ritual. Or cactus farms, I guess.
Our top scientists are presently unable to figure out why this works this way.

* Demons can be used to move items. Shift-right-click a wood log with a demon to put it in a cage. The magic of the wood stops the demon from escaping somehow, idk.
Note you don't need an axe to break this block because I didn't have time to fix that.
The side you click on is the input side (can't be top or bottom), and the opposite side is the output side.
Demons can access chest minecarts, chests, and furnaces.
Input side minecarts will be frozen in place when they go past the demon cage, until the demon has completely emptied the cart.
Output side minecarts won't be stopped unless the demon is trying to put items in them.
Demons will pause chest minecarts that go past, until they're done with them. This makes the minecart a little bit glitchy (try breaking one while it's in this state).
Minecarts will be paused if there's no output space but they won't be paused if the output is full.

* The above information is for calm demons.
50% angry demons will launch items out as items, if there isn't a valid destination. They will also break the block in the input space (except for tile entities and bedrock).
100% angry demons will launch blocks out as blocks, and items as items, if there isn't a valid destination. They will also break a 3x3x3 of blocks (except for tile entities and bedrock).
Coincidentally, this area is just big enough to make a semi-automated tree farm.
Demon logs are tile entities, so you can safely make a chain of chests and demon logs.
They launch them horizontally, so if you want it to go very far, the demon block has to be high up.

* Maximum-angry demons (the ones that throw blocks) will only take one item from a minecart. Because of this, it's possible to make an automatic tree farm that doesn't spam saplings.
(they won't break blocks if the input block is a minecart track)

* Demons can also take the blood out of minecarts to make a block, when the cart is completely full.

* If a demon mover has a chest on top, it will only move items that match the ones in the chest.
This only works when the input is a chest, a chest minecart, or blocks in the world.
Yes, even the angriest demon will meticulously check your filter chest before breaking a block. Good on them.

* You may have noticed that smelting with an angry demon causes some annoying block teleporting. Well, it turns out we can harness this effect.
If you smelt a demon, with a less angry or equal demon as a fuel source, the smelted demon fights back and the smelting runs forever.
Also, it teleports random blocks into the output slot. The area is 15×15 from bedrock up to the sky limit.
And yes. Don't run this near your base. At least 7 blocks away, more if you don't want to be hearing explosions all the time.
You should set up a way to get the items outside of the area of effect.
Note: a demon quarry takes several hours to finish running, even with maximally angry demons; don't hold your breath.

* If you smelt a demon with any other fuel source (including a more angry demon) it just smelts. Turns out they're made of redstone. Who knew?


* Unused content: blood furnace; blood ingot; water demon.


– Technical fixes in the mod –

* Fixes sound loading, which is now broken in alpha Minecraft. The game is kinda annoying without sound.
You need to have the sound files already downloaded though.
If you don't have sound, try launching a version BEFORE 1.6 with the vanilla launcher, then try again.



(This is immibis's entry for the first RaMoJa)


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