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minecraft mod Just Mowing Tool

Just Mowing Tool

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 104
Updated: Feb 12, 2021
Created: Feb 12, 2021
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JustMowingTool-1.0B.jar beta 14.54 KB Feb 12, 2021 1.12.2 104 download Just Mowing Tool JustMowingTool-1.0B.jar betaDownload



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IMPORTANT : This mod is still Beta version. Because of this, I recommend you to backup your world data before installing this mod. I can't take no responsibility if a problem occurs.



Have you ever thought about something like below?



I’m tired of mowing a lot of grass with a bucket of water.”


I want to save time when mowing the grass.”


I want to make mowing more fun.”



If you think such above, this mod will much with you.


This is a simple mod to add a grass(etc.) mowing tool.


But this is the first mod I made, so if you are not satisfied, I apologize to you.


<Currently, this mod support Japanese and English.>


For Japanese page : https://muralnotes.com/jmt-mod/



This mod adds a mowing tool that named “Mower”.

The tool have two features below.

  • Mow : Right click to mow the following block in front of a player. Grasses, flowers, mushrooms, grown-up crops and vines.
  • Mode switching : The tool have two modes below. You can switch these mode by left click air direction.
    • Mode1 : Mow grasses, flowers, mushrooms, grown-up crops and vines.
    • Mode2 : Mow grasses only.



            • Is this mod for client?
              • Yes. I don’t test this mod on a server yet.
  • I want to translate the content of this mod.
    • Thank you. I would appreciate it if you could send “Issue” include the content of translate on GitHub.
  • May I include this mod to my modpack?
    • Thank you. Currently I admit that. But if you do so, I would be grateful if you would tell me your modpack on the comment section.
  • I want this mod for newer version of Minecraft.
    • If I got many request such that, I will make it, maybe.
  • I have an issue/bug/crash. What should I do
      • I am sorry for causing trouble. Could you send the description of the trouble to “Issue” of GitHub.


    Known Issues

      • When the player uses Mower toward water, a noise occurs.


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