Minecraft LeaveMsg v1.2 [#1317] mod 2023 download
minecraft mod LeaveMsg v1.2 [#1317]

LeaveMsg v1.2 [#1317]

Game Version: CB 1240
Total Downloads: 1,073
Updated: Oct 11, 2011
Created: Oct 7, 2011
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LeaveMsg – Allows players to leave with a custom message

Version: 1.2

I was thinking one day, well, there are plugins that allow the admin to change the leave message, but that's a permanent message. What if the users could decide it themselves?


  • Lets players use a command to specify why they're leaving, like "I'm going to bed" or "got to go!".
  • Hides the standard leave message and replaces it with your own (customizable via the config)
  • Supports permissions
  • Only usable by players


  • /quit <reason> – Makes the player leave the game and also announces the message globally
  • /q <reason> – Shorter alias for /quit (does the same thing)

Chat formatting:

<player> left the game: <reason>

E.g. "TehAndrewRyan left the game: got other stuff to do, back later!"


  • leavemsg.quit – Allows the use of /quit


console: Only players can use this command.
leavemessage: ' left the game: '
emptystring: Please specify a reason.
kickmessage: 'You left: '

Edit this to suit your server.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to keep the spaces before and after kickmessage and leavemessage, otherwise the text won't separate!


Version 1.2

  • Added a config file which lets you change the messages shown (the config file autogenerates)
  • Added an actual hinder when the console tries to use /quit
  • Added /q as an alias

Version 1.1

  • Fixed a bug where it kicks all players on the server
  • Fixed a bug where it displays two leave messages

Version 1.0

  • Release

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