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Lunch Money!

Game Version: 1.14.4
Total Downloads: 272
Updated: Aug 22, 2019
Created: Aug 22, 2019
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I play modded minecraft, and with mods that allow you to use drying racks to make "Monster Jerky" or smelting recipies that let you turn rotten flesh into a safe (non-poisoning) food source, I've found that my early game food sources are often heavily loaded with foods derived from zombie drops. So much so that during fights I'm often catching myself saying "Give me your lunch money!" while fighting the zomberts.


So.. Finally it looks like lunch money.


Work in progress. Future plans for the project include adding support for modpacks that offer 'cooked/dried/processed rotten flesh' as a food source. Perhaps turning the "Lunch Money" once processed, into a candybar or something, implying that the 'money' was spent on junk food.

Renaming is only implemented for users of the English-US dictionary at this time.

Does not change any properties of eating the item, crafting recipies, or anything else. Drop rates are not affected.


Terms of Use

Yes, you can use this in your [whatever].

You may include (remix) the contents of this pack in your own texture packs, adventure maps, or whatever, modified, or as-is. You may create fan art and videos using these textures. You may make other texture packs based on these designs too! You may do just about anything you like with this texture pack, so long as you credit me for my work.

If you do include some of my work in your project, please post a comment and links, and show off your work! It feels great to know I've inspired others!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


Release Notes

1.0 – Initial release.


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