Minecraft Minecart Auto Pilot System Datapack mod 2023 download
minecraft mod Minecart Auto Pilot System Datapack

Minecart Auto Pilot System Datapack

Game Version: 1.13.2
Total Downloads: 190
Updated: Dec 5, 2018
Created: Dec 5, 2018
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This is a data pack that makes the minecarts choose the most reasonable direction to travel in when there is a junction. Its decision is based on the destination coordinates you have chosen.


Basic Usage:

Turning on auto pilot:

1. Type this command into the chat "/trigger coh_auto_trigger set 1"


The default value is 0, which means off.

This will enable auto pilot for you only, other players need to set it to 1 also.

If you want to turn auto pilot off, just set it to 0.

Creating a station:

When you have chosen a location in the world to be your station, do the following:

1. Place a regular rail on the ground

2. Place an armor stand on top of it

3. Throw a book onto the base of the armor stand.


This armor stand will become a station, which should have a visual difference.


Writing a ticket:

You need tickets to tell the system where your destination is.

1. Throw any amount of books to the base of the station you want to write onto this ticket.

2. Pickup the tickets

3. Rename the books using an anvil to the name of the station so you don't mix them up.

4. Distribute this ticket (book) to your other stations.


Selecting a station before travel:

1. You only have to hold the ticket (book) of the target station in your main hand for a little in order for this to work.

2. You can put the ticket back to its chest (or any storage) afterwards. You don't need bring the ticket with you.

2. After you have held the target ticket, don't touch any other tickets with your main hand, otherwise it will change your destination.


Ride Away!

The minecart will now try to choose the most reasonable direction when you run into a junction.


Test your track!

Notice I kept using the word "reasonable", this system does not do a search of your whole track to determine which path to take, it guesses based on the general direction. When you have a new junction, always test the effected stations to make sure they still travel on the right path!


99% of the time you can slightly modify the junction to bend it to your will, but I'll have to leave that for you to figure out.


You didn't think this datapack is going to bring challenge, did you?










"/trigger coh_auto_trigger set 1"



"/trigger coh_auto_trigger set 0"




1. 在地上放一個普通鐵軌

2. 在鐵軌上面放一個盔甲架

3. 丟一本書到盔甲架上





1. 丟任何數量的書到你的目標車站

2. 撿起你的車票(書)

3. 拿去鐵砧重新命名這些車票(避免你忘記是哪一個車站的)

4. 把這些車票放到所有你其他的車站去,保存好
















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