Minecraft Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] mod 2024 download
minecraft mod Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update]

Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update]

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 12,099
Updated: Jul 1, 2022
Created: Mar 12, 2022
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
MonstersGirls_1.1.5 - hotfix.jar release 2.14 MB Jul 1, 2022 1.16.5 4 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.5 - hotfix.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.2.0.jar release 1.71 MB Jul 1, 2022 1.18.2 8 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.2.0.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.1.9.jar release 1.71 MB Jun 18, 2022 1.18.2 903 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.9.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.1.8.jar release 1.73 MB Jun 10, 2022 1.18.2 1,753 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.8.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.1.4a.jar release 2.14 MB Jun 5, 2022 1.16.5 1,292 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.4a.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.1.7.jar release 1.73 MB Jun 5, 2022 1.18.2 1,198 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.7.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.1.6.jar release 1.70 MB Jun 4, 2022 1.18.2 243 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.6.jar releaseDownload
MonstersGirls_1.1.5.jar release 1.70 MB May 29, 2022 1.18.2 696 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.1.5.jar releaseDownload
Final 1.16 version release 2.13 MB May 28, 2022 1.16.5 663 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] Final 1.16 version releaseDownload
April Fools +1 More beta 1.86 MB Apr 1, 2022 1.16.5 3,325 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] April Fools 
+1 More betaDownload
[NotForShaders] MonstersGirls_1.1.1.jar +1 More beta 1.83 MB Mar 25, 2022 1.16.5 752 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] [NotForShaders] MonstersGirls_1.1.1.jar
+1 More betaDownload
[shader friendly] MonstersGirls_1.1.0.jar +1 More beta 1.78 MB Mar 20, 2022 1.16.5 547 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] [shader friendly] MonstersGirls_1.1.0.jar
+1 More betaDownload
[shader friendly] MonstersGirls_1.0.9.jar beta 2.02 MB Mar 19, 2022 1.16.5 165 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] [shader friendly] MonstersGirls_1.0.9.jar betaDownload
MonstersGirls_1.0.9.jar beta 2.08 MB Mar 14, 2022 1.16.5 240 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.0.9.jar betaDownload
MonstersGirls_1.0.6_hotfix.jar beta 2.00 MB Mar 13, 2022 1.16.5 95 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.0.6_hotfix.jar betaDownload
MonstersGirls_1.0.3.jar beta 2.01 MB Mar 12, 2022 1.16.5 58 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.0.3.jar betaDownload
MonstersGirls_1.0.2.jar beta 2.00 MB Mar 12, 2022 1.16.5 20 download Monsters&Girls [Mandrake Update] MonstersGirls_1.0.2.jar betaDownload



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Monsters & Girls is a pretty simple mod that adds some cute mobs.
Currently it adds 11 types of Mushroom Girls.
They love cookies and can be lured if player holds one in hand.
They can be tamed using either rotten flesh or cookies, however they won’t follow you so if you want to bring them home, you’ll have to use leads.

Some Mushroom gals have their special abilities:



Molten Mushroom Gal can be used as portable campfire – she can cook vanilla food items. All you need to do, is right click her while holding food and wait a few seconds.



Soul Wanderer Mushroom Gal inflicts wither effect on attacked enemies while also receiving regeneration for short amount of time.



Fly Agaric Gal inflicts poison effect on enemies.


Every Mushroom Gal has a chance of planting mushrooms while walking on certain blocks, except for Infernal Mushroom Gal. They can place mushrooms on every solid block.
All Nether species are immune to fire.
All overworld species can be “milked” for mushroom stew, like mooshrooms, while warped and crimson ones will give you suspicious stew.

If you can’t find any Mushroom Gal spawning naturally, you can craft Genesis Powder from a golden apple, bonemeal and waped fungus. Use it on mushroom to turn it into a Mushroom gal you want.



Right-click on a Mushroom Gal while holding a jar to catch her. You can place the jar as a cute decoration.



Mushroom Gals can rarely spawn big mushrooms which can be used either as a decoration or turned into hats on crafting table


There are 2 extra variants of warped and crimson ones.



Mandrake is a new mob. They spawn in forests and flower forests. if you find a mandrake plant on ground, use bonemeal to summon the mob.
They can bless you with various effects if you feed them. If you tame them, feed them:
-cookies for regeneration
-Bone meal for strenght
-Clay for luck

-Water for health boost
Don’t hit them though because their scream will give you a lot of negative effects
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