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Game Version: 1.18.1
Total Downloads: 3,354
Updated: Jan 3, 2022
Created: Jun 7, 2021
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multisleep-1.18-ver1.2 release 377.46 KB Jan 3, 2022 1.18.1 263 download MultiSleep multisleep-1.18-ver1.2 releaseDownload
multisleep-1.18-ver1.1 release 377.97 KB Dec 8, 2021 1.18.1 489 download MultiSleep multisleep-1.18-ver1.1 releaseDownload
multisleep-1.17-ver1.0 release 348.46 KB Jun 25, 2021 1.17 2,556 download MultiSleep multisleep-1.17-ver1.0 releaseDownload


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This mod helps the sleeping process on a multiplayer server. When somebody enters his bed, the players can vote on sleeping, or not sleeping.


Players can vote in 4 different ways: 

  • They can enter a bed. This counts them as a player that wants to sleep
  • They can press either the [Sleep], or [Dont Sleep] button in the GUI
  • They can set the <auto sleep> switch to true, which will always vote automatically [Sleep] for them
  • Assigning a Key in the controlls to [vote yes] and [vote no]. These are by default unbound.


The GUI has 3 features:

  • you can vote directly with it
  • you can set auto sleep to true, which votes automatically yes for you
  • you can customize if you want to have phantoms or not in a case where you "fake sleep", aka sleep because of a voting and not because everyone is in bedYou can open this gui by pressing the button in the Inventory at the right of the recipe book, or by assigning a hotkey to [open gui] in the controlls.


There are two commands that are implemented by this mod:

  • /setCountdownTime <ticks> this sets the length of the countdown
  • /gamerule multiSleepPercent this sets what percent of the players in the overworld need to agree to sleeping, so that the world sleeps.


In the following cases the world will sleep:

  • If the players in the overworld who vote for sleeping are a bigger percentage of all the players in the overworld, than the current value of the gamerule "multiSleepPercent"
  • If the countdown runs out


If more than 100 – "multiSleepPercent" percent of the players vote [Dont Sleep], the voting stops, without the world sleeping


 This Mod requires to be installed on both the server, and the client to be able to work. Also, it requires the fabric api.


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