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Naughty Or Nice

Game Version: 1.16.4
Total Downloads: 739
Updated: Dec 10, 2020
Created: Dec 8, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Naughty Or Nice v1.0.1 release 1.04 MB Dec 10, 2020 1.16.4 673 download Naughty Or Nice Naughty Or Nice v1.0.1 releaseDownload
Naughty Or Nice v1.0.0 release 1.04 MB Dec 8, 2020 1.16.4 66 download Naughty Or Nice Naughty Or Nice v1.0.0 releaseDownload



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LogoYou better watch out, you better not cry.

Welcome to Naughty or Nice! This mod adds a niceness meter into the game. By itself, it does absolutely nothing. However, the outcome of your presents is determined by how nice you are. Some of them won't even open if you aren't nice enough! So, be prepared, and make sure that you are not naughty for this holiday season!


This was created for the MMD WinterJam 2020.



Will you backport this to earlier versions?

Currently this mod will be on the latest minor. There are no plans to support legacy versions of forge in the future, apologies for any inconvenience.


Which versions will be supported?

Except for the release, the latest minor of each version will be supported. If a new version arises, I will only support the current version and one version prior. All other versions will not be supported besides from fixing any game-breaking bugs.


Will you support other mod loaders?

Probably when I finish this mod in forge. I usually prefer to work on one implementation until completion before porting to another system.



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