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minecraft mod Night vision

Night vision

Game Version: 1.18
Total Downloads: 318,622
Updated: Dec 5, 2021
Created: Dec 17, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
NightVision_1.13+.zip release 2.30 KB Dec 5, 2021 1.18 0 download Night vision NightVision_1.13+.zip releaseDownload
NightVision_1.13+.zip release 2.84 KB Sep 26, 2021 1.17.1 88,804 download Night vision NightVision_1.13+.zip releaseDownload
NightVision_1.7-1.12.zip release 2.85 KB Sep 26, 2021 1.12.2 10,092 download Night vision NightVision_1.7-1.12.zip releaseDownload
NightVision.zip release 2.81 KB Jun 8, 2021 1.17.1 117,270 download Night vision NightVision.zip releaseDownload
Night Vision.zip release 2.79 KB Dec 17, 2020 1.16.5 102,456 download Night vision Night Vision.zip releaseDownload



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Night Vision

(only work with Optifine)


Night Vision is a texture pack compatible with Minecraft 1.13.X to 1.17.X, and need Optifine to work.

It give you the power to see through the dark. It's literally like if you have an infinite potion of night vision.

Of course it don't work with shaders because shaders use their own system of light.



Q : Where i put the .zip file ?

A : Like all the texture pack in Minecraft, you have to put it the resourcepacks folder. If you don't know how there is a bunch of tutorial on Youtube.


Q : The texture pack don't work on Minecraft?

A : Be sure to use Minecraft with Optifine, and without shaders. Be sure to put the pack in your resourcepacks folder, and active it in Minecraft.


Q : There is a warning saying this pack is made for an other version, why ?

A : Don't worry, ignore this message.


Q : On which version can i play with this texture pack ?

A : It work with Minecraft 1.13.X to 1.17.X


Usefull links

– Java : https://www.java.com/fr/download/

– OptiFine : https://www.optifine.net/downloads

– OptiFabric : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/optifabric


Enjoy ! And thanks for 110K download ! It's just insane ! I will make a video tutorial to how install Night vision.


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