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minecraft mod No No-AI Spawn

No No-AI Spawn

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 79
Updated: Jun 12, 2021
Created: Jun 12, 2021
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spider2fix-1.1.jar release 464.01 KB Jun 12, 2021 1.12.2 79 download No No-AI Spawn spider2fix-1.1.jar releaseDownload


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Some mods, like Cyberbricks' Spiders 2.0 (1.12.2 ver1.03) have a bug in it – spawning creatures that have no ai, not responding to attack correctly, and dissappear after re-login.


This mod attempts to fix it, and all similar bugs.


This phenomenon is caused by bad code writing (not checking world.isRemote while spawning entities). If you see a mod doing this, tell the author of that mod to fix it. Before they fix it, use this mod to stop this phenomenon.


Needed client side, not needed server side.







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