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minecraft mod NoCube’s Sea Dwellers

NoCube’s Sea Dwellers

Game Version: 1.18.2
Total Downloads: 1,060,238
Updated: Jul 26, 2022
Created: Oct 13, 2021
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nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.2.0_forge_1.18.2.jar release 494.96 KB Jul 26, 2022 1.18.2 0 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.2.0_forge_1.18.2.jar releaseDownload
nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.1.1_forge_1.18.2.jar release 479.32 KB Jul 15, 2022 1.18.2 1,906 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.1.1_forge_1.18.2.jar releaseDownload
nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.1.0_forge_1.18.2.jar release 477.29 KB Jul 14, 2022 1.18.2 293 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.1.0_forge_1.18.2.jar releaseDownload
nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.0.0_forge_1.16.5.jar release 674.95 KB Jul 14, 2022 1.16.5 3,358 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers nocube's_sea_dwellers_2.0.0_forge_1.16.5.jar releaseDownload
NoCube's_Sea_Dwellers_1.0.2.jar release 1.40 MB Oct 31, 2021 1.16.5 108,744 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers NoCube's_Sea_Dwellers_1.0.2.jar releaseDownload
NoCube's_Sea_Dwellers_1.0.1.jar release 1.40 MB Oct 24, 2021 1.16.5 945,523 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers NoCube's_Sea_Dwellers_1.0.1.jar releaseDownload
NoCube's_Sea_Dwellers_1.0.0.jar release 1.39 MB Oct 14, 2021 1.16.5 413 download NoCube’s Sea Dwellers NoCube's_Sea_Dwellers_1.0.0.jar releaseDownload


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  • 1 Aquamarine
  • 1-3 Nether Quartz
  • 1-4 Gold Nugget
  • 1 Emerald

    Unemployed / Wild Mermorph for Lapis Lazuli:

    • 1 Aquamarine
    • 1 Nether Quartz
    • 1-3 Iron Nugget
    • 1-3 Redstone Dust

      Unemployed / Wild Mermorph for Diamond:

      • 3-9 Aquamarine

        Mermorph Blacksmith for Aquamarine:

        • 1-3 Iron Ore 
        • 1-3 Gold Ore
        • 1-3 Iron Ingot
        • 1-3 Gold Ingot
        • 1-5 Coal Ore
        • 1-2 Obsidian
        • 1-7 Magma Block
        • 1-4 Emerald
        • 1 Name Tag
        • 1-3 Flint
        • Heart of the Sea [Rare]
        • 1-4 Depth Alloy [Rare]
        • Saddle [Rare]
        • Mermaid’s Cup [Rare]
        • Compass [Rare]

          Mermorph Farmer for 1 Aquamarine:

          • 1-9 Kelp
          • 1-5 Sea Grass
          • 1-5 Tall Sea Grass
          • 1-5 Sea Pickle
          • 1-6 Tube Coral
          • 1-6 Brain Coral
          • 1-6 Bubble Coral
          • 1-6 Fire Coral
          • 1-6 Horn Coral
          • 1-7 Bone Meal
          • Heart of the Sea [Rare]
          • Bottle o Enchanting [Rare]
          • Magical Coral Staff [Rare]
          • Magical Moss Staff [Rare]

            Mermorph Hunter for 1 Aquamarine:

            • 1-3 Ink Sac
            • 1-4 Cod
            • 1-4 Salmon
            • 1-3 Tropical Fish
            • 1-2 Puffer Fish
            • 1-2 Turtle Egg
            • 1-3 Prismarine Shard
            • 1-3 Gunpowder
            • 1-3 Rotten Flesh
            • Heart of the Sea [Rare]
            • Broken Trident [Rare]
            • Scute [Rare]
            • Nautilus [Rare]
            • 2-4 Rainbow Trout [Rare]

              Mermorph Architect for 1 Aquamarine:

              • 1-16 Prismarine
              • 1-16 Dark Prismarine
              • 1-16 Sand
              • 1-16 Sandstone
              • 1-16 Red Sand
              • 1-16 Red Sandstone
              • 1-2 Sea Lantern
              • 1-16 Gravel
              • 1-16 Mossy Cobblestone
              • 1-16 Mossy Stone Bricks
              • Heart of the Sea [Rare]
              • 1-2 Water Bucket [Rare]
              • 1-3 Wet Sponge [Rare]
              • Mega Bucket [Rare]
              • Mega Sponge [Rare]

                New items were added as of 2.0.0 update. Some of them have unique uses, so all the information about them is listed below: 

              • Aquamarine – Main trade currency, dropped by Drowned or obtained from trading with Mermorphs
              • Aquamarine Block – Used as decorating or compact storage of aquamarines.
              • Treasure Box – Bought from Mermorphs. Contains one random type of trade-related items. Right-click to open.
              • Broken Trident – a useless item, which can be repaired with prismarine shards and diamonds into a vanilla Trident! If you don’t need it, just scrap it into few prismarine shards.
              • Rainbow Trout – tasty and rare fish, which can be only bought from Mermorph Hunter. Cannot be cooked, and gives player Regeneration, Dolphin’s Grace and Conduit Power upon eating.
              • Gift of the Sea – an expensive consumable item that allows you to randomize the Mermorph’s job. Selected mermorph will instantly turn into Unemployed, Hunter, Blacksmith, Architect or Farmer. If you are unlucky enough this item may turn mermorph into a type, that he already is ( in example Blacksmith can turn into Blacksmith). This item can also be used to turn wild mermorph into one of stated types of village mermorphs, which wont not despawn and sell useful stuff. Item can be crafted with heart of the sea, diamond, nautilus and 6 aquamarines.
              • Mermaid’s Cup – Rare item from trading with Mermorph Blacksmith. Hold it in main hand to breathe underwater. You can smelt this cup into one gold ingot, if you don’t need it.
              • Depth Alloy – Rare item, obtained from trading with Mermorph Blacksmith.
              • Depth Ingot – Alternative to Netherite Ingot, to craft combine 4 aquamarines and 4 depth alloy.
              • Depth Sword & Axe – Upgraded version of diamond sword and axe. Has increased stats, higher durability and deals increased damage to targets submerged in water, or being under rain.
              • Depth Pickaxe, Shovel & Hoe – Upgraded version of diamond tools. Has increased stats, higher durability and gives Haste effect to owner, whenever he enters water or stand under rain.
              • Depth Armor – Upgraded version of diamond armor. Helmet improves Underwater Vision, Chestplate grants Water Breathing, Leggings grants immunity to Mining Fatigue and Boots give Dolphin’s Grace.
              • Mega Sponge – Rare item from trading with Mermorph Architect. it is capable of absorbing water indefinitely, and works by right-clicking when you hold it in your hand. Combine with Netherite Ingot on smithing table to get Omni Sponge.
              • Omni Sponge – works same as Mega Sponge, but no longer absorbs water. It can easily absorbs unlimited amounts of lava instead.
              • Mega Bucket – Rare item from trading with Mermorph Architect. Contains infinite amount of water, and can fill cauldrons. Combine it with Nether Star on smithing table to get Omni Bucket.
              • Omni Bucket – works same as Mega Bucket, but no longer contain water. It now contains infinite lava instead.
              • Magical Moss Staff – can place or remove moss on cobblestone, stone bricks and their variants. Use Right-Click, or Sneak + Right-Click. Can be repaired with Prismarine Shard
              • Magical Coral Staff – can revive or kill any coral block variants. Use Right-Click, or Sneak + Right-Click. Can be repaired with Prismarine Shard


Sea Dwellers is a mod made by youtuber NoCube to fix ocean emptiness with new randomly generated underwater villages, owned by Mermorphs, the bizzare fish-like folk, who love shiny gems. Explore the oceans, enjoy the game!


Official Mod Video (Pre-2.0.0 Version):




 Sea Villages are the new procedurally generated module-based structure, which can contain both living houses, warehouses, ruins or decorative buildings – it’s all up to random. These can be found in any type of Minecraft ocean biomes at depth 13 or more blocks down from sea level. Sea village is the only and main place, where Mermorphs live. There are chests with treasures located there, some of them are hidden. Loot in chests are based on vanilla loottables, so fully balanced and compatible with any other modded items, that should spawn in vanilla dungeon chests!


Mermorphs are the fish-like folks who live in sea villages. They can breathe underwater and are completely immune to tridents due to their magic scales. Most of the time they are chilling on the sea bottom or in their houses, but sometimes swim around. They are friendly to all sea creatures and players. Mermorphs are unable to live on the surface for too long, and will die eventually as most sea creatures. When mermorph is dying on surface, you will see some drying particles instead of regular bubbles.
The appearance of the mermorph villagers denotes their occupation:

  • Green with cyan fins – Unemployed
  • Turquoise with obsidian gear – Blacksmith
  • Brown with blue fins – Farmer
  • Purple with pink fins – Hunter
  • Dull Green with beard – Architect


Wild Mermorphs appear in a variety of ocean types and are not tied to a house. They can despawn unlike those that live in villages. They are divided into 4 types, which determines their appearance. The Yellow and Orange populate the Warm Ocean corals, the Polar variant appears in the Cold and Deep Cold Ocean, and the Red variant appears in the Rivers. Due to their appearance and non-glowing eyes, wild mermorphs are much harder to be spotted among the corals and algae. They don’t have unique trades, and will buy prismarine, diamonds and lapis same, as unemployed mermorph. They can be turned into a village mermorphs by using the Gift of the Sea. A lightning strike can also turns them into a vanilla villager.

Villager Morphing is a simple mechanic, that is used to turn vanilla villagers into mermorphs! Use splash water breathing potion on a villager, then give it one Heart of the Sea. If your the villager is submerged in water, or stands under a rain, it will turn into a mermorph with random job. Villagers cannot turn into a wild variant of mermorph. This also will not work if villager is baby!

This process can be reverted, if lightning bolt strikes a mermorph. It works not only on employed mermorphs, but also on wild ones. This means that you have an alternate way to replenish your villages with villagers without searching for zombies.


Trading is one of important mechanics of the mod. It works very similar to vanilla piglin barter. Give some shiny stuff to a fish-folk, and they will think, if they can give something to you is excange.

Aquamarine is the main currency in the mod. It can be obtained from Trading with Mermorphs or killing the Drowned. To start off trading, try giving some diamonds, lapis lazuli, prismarine shards or prismarine crystals to Unemployed or Wild Mermorphs. In return, they will give you treasure boxes that you can open to get valuables and Aquamarines. Once you have obtained these blue gems, give them to any Employed Mermorph to obtain much more valuable and rare resources associated with their jobs. You can see the full list of deals and possible items below:

Unemployed / Wild Mermorph for 1 Prismarine Crystal / Shard:

Configuration in the mod is done via gamerules, which can be toggled both in-game or on when creating a new world. Use them in main menu, as show on a screenshot above, or ingame like: /gamerule seaTraderLootbox false

Available game rules:

  • seaSpongesAndBuckets –  Allows (or forbids) usage of Mega Sponges, Buckets and their Omni variants. Default value: true
  • seaTraderLootbox – Determines whether the mermorphs give items immediately, or packed in loot boxes. This will make trading work similar to vanilla piglin barter. Default value: true



  • NoCube – mod development, graphics, modeling, testing, some building
  • BlackAures – most building, mermorph variants, testing (and delicious screenshots).
  • My Subscribers – thanks for huge motivation for me to work on mods. You made this possible!
  • Mojang – for keeping amazing game Minecraft alive!
  • MCreator – for being a base to start this mod!
  • Sildurs Sharders – were used for screenshots.
  • Blockbench was used for modeling and renders.
  • Fruti_Two’s page design highly inspired me for desiging a page for this mod.

    Permissions & Info:

    • You are allowed to make videos with mod or include in modpacks as long as this page is credited.
    • You are not allowed to use any mod resources in your projects.
    • You are not allowed to reupload the mod on any other sites.
    • This mod is not going to be backported, or ported to Bedrock Edition or Fabric.
    • This mod was developed as standalone singleplayer mod, it works with most other mods
    • This mod is primarily designed as a simple single player mod without other mods. Please do not report bugs related to incompatibility or multiplayer. Other bug reports, testing and re-balance ideas are highly appreciated!


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