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minecraft mod Pam’s Redbud Tree

Pam’s Redbud Tree

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 62,423
Updated: Sep 18, 2020
Created: Jan 30, 2018
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
PamsRedbudTree1.12.2b.jar release 35.66 KB Sep 18, 2020 1.12.2 10,276 download Pam’s Redbud Tree PamsRedbudTree1.12.2b.jar releaseDownload
Pam's Redbud Tree 1.12.2a.jar release 35.95 KB Jan 30, 2018 1.12.2 52,147 download Pam’s Redbud Tree Pam's Redbud Tree 1.12.2a.jar releaseDownload



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Comments have been disabled because people cannot seem to stop pestering me over and over and over for updates.  So if you have any bugs, please report them in my Discord (which you will get booted for asking for updates).  Thanks!








Mod Info


This mod adds a new redbud tree, which is a rare spawn in Forest biomes. They normally have light green leaves but these cycle to pink (and eventually back to light green, etc) after enough time in game has passed. This tree has no drops other than it's own sapling and is purely for decoration. You can set treeRarity to 0 in the config to disable worldgen.

You can also craft a Redbud Tree sapling using any Minecraft sapling and three red dye.





I give permission to use the above described mod in modpacks that do not cost money (donations, Patreon, etc is fine) so long as you credit Pamela Collins (MatrexsVigil) and Rhodox of the Painterly Pack somewhere in your modpack's description and/or list of mods.  I give permission to modify the above described mod through add-ons, JSON files, or config changes so long as you inform your players of the changes and notify them that these are your changes and not mine.


I do NOT give permission to anyone under any circumstance to distribute, de-compile for non-educational purposes, sell for any currency of any kind, only allow access via payment (donations, Patreon are fine), re-name, be on a server that costs money to play on (donations, Patreon are fine), re-upload/re-distribute 'dead' versions, use textures from, or grossly modify the above described mod for any reason ever unless you get written and dated permission from me.


I would appreciate that any modpack creators and/or server administrators that greatly benefit from having my mod in their pack/on their server donate to my Patreon, but I am not requiring this.


Thank you for abiding by this license.  Feel free to contact me via the above contact information if you need to ask questions or raise concerns.


All rights reserved – None of my artwork is available to be used for FREE in your game EVER. If you want to HIRE ME, please contact me. Thank you. 


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