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minecraft mod Pard’s Prehistoric Pack

Pard’s Prehistoric Pack

Game Version: 1.12.2
Total Downloads: 5
Updated: May 16, 2022
Created: May 13, 2022
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Earlier Versions

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Pard's Prehistoric Pack v2 release 81.81 KB May 16, 2022 1.12.2 2 download Pard’s Prehistoric Pack Pard's Prehistoric Pack v2 releaseDownload
Nyx Pard's FA Pack.zip release 71.05 KB May 13, 2022 1.12.2 3 download Pard’s Prehistoric Pack Nyx Pard's FA Pack.zip releaseDownload



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This is my own custom texture pack for fossil and archeology revival mod, it contains whatever texture I make for the fossil and archeology revival mod that I’m using for either personal choice or also for my youtube channel series around the mod itself

feel free to modify the texture for your own personal use

This may include texture for items, blocks and entities in the future but for now the content of the most recent one are :
DNA texture changed based on the animal type, the groupings are:

Avian Dinosaurs (Birds), Feather as the background
Non-avian Dinosaur, A random scale as the background
Reptiles, A scale resembling an iguana’s scale as the background
Amphibian, Top is solid and bottom is more liquid representing how amphibian live in water and land as the background
Mammals, A simplified ball of for as the background
Fishes, Liquid representing their environment as the background
Synapsid, A skull with one hole representing their one hole in the temporal fenestra as the background
Arthropod, Segmented shape representing their segmented foot as the background
Mollusca, Soft looking shell shape representing their soft body and hard shell as the background

Note: most of the animal in the DNA texture is the same with the normal but there are some changes that is made to make it fit with the background and also some improvement, the 4 terror birds are differentiated in dna, spinosaur has the new tail, elasmotherium has a reduced horn

for saplings the fossilized version has an indicator of its temporal range (when it is extant)
for seeds and spores the cultivated version has an indicator of its temporal range 
each pixel correspond to one of the era thing you can see at wikipedia, and black pixel means unknown

Planned textures:
-Eggs texture will be changed for the changed animal DNA texture
-Textures for elasmotherium and megaloceros


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