Minecraft Pig Poop (Fabric) mod 2023 download
minecraft mod Pig Poop (Fabric)

Pig Poop (Fabric)

Game Version: 1.17.1
Total Downloads: 13,827
Updated: Jun 8, 2021
Created: Jul 10, 2020
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
PigPoop-1.17-1.0.0.jar release 1.04 MB Jun 8, 2021 1.17.1 546 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.17-1.0.0.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.4-1.1.3.jar release 231.59 KB Nov 26, 2020 1.16.5 3,626 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.4-1.1.3.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.3-1.1.3.jar release 231.59 KB Sep 14, 2020 1.16.3 648 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.3-1.1.3.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.2-1.1.3.jar release 231.59 KB Aug 12, 2020 1.16.2 238 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.2-1.1.3.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.3.jar release 231.59 KB Jul 23, 2020 1.16.1 3,342 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.3.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.2.jar release 263.76 KB Jul 18, 2020 1.16.1 5,282 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.2.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.1.jar release 263.70 KB Jul 17, 2020 1.16.1 26 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.1.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.0.jar release 263.67 KB Jul 15, 2020 1.16.1 78 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.1-1.1.0.jar releaseDownload
PigPoop-1.16.1-1.0.0.jar release 79.83 KB Jul 12, 2020 1.16.1 41 download Pig Poop (Fabric) PigPoop-1.16.1-1.0.0.jar releaseDownload



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What does this mod do?

This mod allows pigs to poop! Pigs produce poop as often as chickens lay eggs.

If a poop is not collected from the ground within 290 seconds, it will disappear and attempt to fertilize the ground.


Poops can also be used as a substitute for Bone Meal. Normal poops are 2x better than bone meal.

You can feed the pigs with Golden Carrot so that they produce Golden Poop. Golden poops are 20x better than bone meal.



Note: Pigs will only produce 1 golden poop per golden carrot.

You can also eat poop but I don't think it's a good idea …


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