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Planet Survival

Game Version: 1.12.1
Total Downloads: 1,047
Updated: Sep 3, 2017
Created: Sep 2, 2017
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Planet Survival (v1.0) (for Minecraft 1.12-1.12.1) release 466.21 KB Sep 3, 2017 1.12.1 1,047 download Planet Survival Planet Survival (v1.0) (for Minecraft 1.12-1.12.1) releaseDownload



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Planet Survival

Survive on planets, with or without a friend


What is Planet Survival?


Planet Survival is a Minecraft Survival map where the player has to face challenges including Limited Resources, Hunger, and much more. There currently are 8 Planets, each having 1 biome on them, there are in total 3 Oceans, 1 Plains (Spawn), 1 Forest, 1 Hell/Nether, 1 Jungle, and 1 Dessert. If you would like more to be added please give me your suggestions and positive feedback and I'll update it!


How many resources are there?


All the mineral resources will be found on the Plains (Spawn) island, here is a list of about how many minerals there are on the island: 

 • 8 Diamonds

 • About 6 Gold

 • About 48 Iron

 • About 96 Coal

There is also lava and water sources so that you can make an infinite cobblestone generator.


Images Please?


I have some images, click on the images tab at the top of the project to see them 😉


Thank you for reading! And I hope you enjoy Planet Survival!


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