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minecraft mod Project TexWar

Project TexWar

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 822
Updated: Feb 15, 2021
Created: Feb 15, 2021
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Project TexWar 1.0.zip release 174.23 KB Feb 15, 2021 1.16.5 822 download Project TexWar Project TexWar 1.0.zip releaseDownload



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What's TexWar?
TexWar is a texture pack which requires optifine that adds 11 guns and doesn't replace any vanilla item, each one works perfectly fine and all of them are craftable. TexWar aims to add guns in the game with custom reloading and shooting sounds without the requirement of datapacks or mods, the only mod required is optifine

How do i craft the guns?
m1911: Rename a bow to m1911
Pistol: Rename a bow to pistol
AK-47: Rename a bow to AK-47
MP45: Rename a bow to MP45
SMG: Rename a bow to SMG
Mauser 96: Rename a bow to Mauser 96
UZI: Rename a bow to Uzi
Shotgun: Rename a crossbow to Shotgun
Kar98k: Rename a crossbow to Kar98k
Musket: Rename a crossbow to Musket
Glock-18: Rename a bow to Glock18

Knife: Rename an iron sword to Knife


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