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Game Version: 1.14.4
Total Downloads: 3,984
Updated: Nov 28, 2019
Created: Oct 8, 2019
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
randomium-1.1.1.jar release 51.40 KB Nov 28, 2019 1.14.4 3,181 download Randomium randomium-1.1.1.jar releaseDownload
randomium-1.0.0.jar release 46.43 KB Oct 23, 2019 1.14.4 793 download Randomium randomium-1.0.0.jar releaseDownload



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Randomium is mod that adds Randomium Ore to the Overworld, Nether, and End. This ore, when mined, has a random chance to drop any vanilla ore drop in Minecraft. Each drop is weighted based on the rarity of the original vanilla ore. The current default possible drops in order of rarity are:

– Coal

– Iron

– Lapis

– Quartz

– Redstone

– Gold

– Emerald

– Diamond

Randomium also comes with a fully functional config file that will be expanded on as future versions of the mod are released. Below are screenshots of the basic config and the additions added in Version 1.1.1 for customized drops, weights, and amounts. These values are just examples.

Basic Config Example:

In Randomium Version 1.1.1, you have the ability to customize what Randomium ore drops when mined by specifying the proper ID. You can also customize the weight of the drop compared to other drops and the min/max that Randomiuim ore will drop of the specified item.

Customized Drops Example (Version 1.1.1):


Future versions of the mod will add additional features including unique drops to craft tools/armor and additional mod compatibility. You can view the Trello roadmap HERE or see brief descriptions of future versions below:

Version 1.1.1: **COMPLETED**

Mod compatibility including but not limited to:

– Popular modded ore drops (copper, tin, silver etc..)

– Oredict (when available)

Custom defined drops from Randomium Ore (bread, nether stars, literally anything) via config file

Version 1.1.2:

– Randomium Dust drop from Randomium Ore (rarest)

– Randomium Ingot

– Randomium tools, weapons, and armor

– Possible unique characteristics

– Machines to process and create Randomium items and dust


Suggestions and feedback are welcome in the comments! However, if you encounter any bugs or crashes with Randomium, please make sure to report them HERE or by clicking on the ISSUES tab and include the crash report! Please do not report bugs and crashes in the comments.

A FORGE mod for Minecraft 1.14.4.


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