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minecraft mod Rebearth: Mud Edition

Rebearth: Mud Edition

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 388
Updated: Jan 23, 2021
Created: Jan 23, 2021
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Minecraft: Earth is one of my favorite games, lucky for me Ewan Howell has made a resource pack dedicated to the game called Rebearth!, while that pack is great this one aims to improve it with more consistent features, changing some existing ones and adding new ones!

This pack will not work properly without using the original pack as well, so there it is: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/rebearth-remastered


What does it change?:

*Cow Model (Moolip now have 4 flowers instead of 5, Moobloom and Moolip flower placement are correct, Moobloom and Moolip flower direction are correct)
*Changed Dyed Cat texture (Old texture was a remake of the Promotional Art, New one in this pack features a more detailed version made by MCVinnyq!)

*Changed Jumbo Rabbit spawn rates, now more common to find.
*Changed Ruby (emerald) texture (Old texture was a remake of the old ruby version, but was updated in the game later so I remade it)

*Changed Spawner Texture

*Changed Title Screen to "Rebearth: Mud Edition" (Made by Pinku Rinku!)

*Changed a few status effects to the Boosts icons from Minecraft: Earth! 

*Changed Fancy Chicken spawn rates, now more common to find.
*Changed Sooty Pig spawn conditions, now spawns only in Dark Forests.
*Changed Cluckshroom spawn conditions, while still spawn in Mushroom Islands, will rarely spawn in Swamps and Taiga Biomes, and a bit more commonly on Dark Forests.


New features:
*Melon Golem will have an angry face when taking damage.
*Added lots of cool Pumpkin Hats! More info on that below.
*Renaming a Dandelion to Buttercup changes it to a buttercup.
*Renaming an Oxeye Daisy to Pink Daisy changes it to a pink daisy.
*Renaming a Feather to Fancy Feather changes it to the Fancy Chicken's feather.
*Renaming an empty Bucket to a Bucket of Mud changes it to a bucket of mud (doesn't actually places mud)

*Renaming a Cow to a Tappable Cow changes it to a Smooth Tappable texture
*Renaming a Pig to a Tappable Pig changes it to a smooth Tappable texture
*Tappable Chicken and Tappable Sheep will join them soon.

*Freckled Rabbits can spawn in forests (will be added to main pack soon)

*Tropical Slimes now also spawn rarely in Swamps


Pumpkin Hats:
Rename carved pumpkins to-
1. Carved Melon (Melon Golem head)
2. Angry Carved Melon (Angry variant of Melon Golem Head)

3. Earth Journal (Like Librarian's Book, but looks like Earth Journal, you can also place it on an item frame!)



In the last months of Minecraft: Earth (being deleted)
we got some cool Character Creator items so Pinku Rinku helped me recreate and add them all 😀

1. Moobloom Hood (Moobloom themed hood)

2. Bold Rabbit Hood (Bold Striped Rabbit themed hood)

3. Horned Sheep Hood (Horned Sheep themed hood)
4. Cluckshroom Hood (Cluckshroom themed hood)
5. Muddy Pig Hood (Muddy Pig themed hood)
6. Hero Hood (An item the community got for playing the game in the last months of the game)
6.1 Maskless Hero Hood

There are a few more things I want to add, but this is the major part of it 🙂


Discord: discord.gg/KYzdd3E


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