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minecraft mod Sheesher Mod

Sheesher Mod

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 732
Updated: May 29, 2021
Created: Apr 2, 2021

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
sheesher_v1.8.jar beta 6.75 MB May 29, 2021 1.16.5 187 download Sheesher Mod sheesher_v1.8.jar betaDownload
sheesher-mod-v1.7.5.jar beta 6.44 MB May 13, 2021 1.16.5 157 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-mod-v1.7.5.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.7.3.jar beta 6.44 MB Apr 16, 2021 1.16.5 255 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.7.3.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.7.2.jar beta 6.43 MB Apr 11, 2021 1.16.5 49 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.7.2.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.7.1.jar beta 6.40 MB Apr 8, 2021 1.16.5 15 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.7.1.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.6.jar beta 6.39 MB Apr 8, 2021 1.16.5 15 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.6.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.5.jar beta 6.39 MB Apr 5, 2021 1.16.5 30 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.5.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.4.jar beta 6.39 MB Apr 4, 2021 1.16.5 15 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.4.jar betaDownload
sheesher-1.3.jar alpha 2.29 MB Apr 2, 2021 1.16.5 9 download Sheesher Mod sheesher-1.3.jar alphaDownload



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Hi everyone!

Sheesher is a mod made for fun purposes. You're gonna find there odd, unusual creatures which are representing, let's say, "post-drugs effects" of yours, and the lands in Sheevardia dimension should be representing places of where you are "going" when you're high. Or more like where your brain's falling away…

Naturally, you will also find new ores here, as well as new armor, tools and weapons and much, much more.

Overall type of the mod is just abstraction. Abstraction which can be weirdness, can be happiness, can be whatever you may think of.

It's a very odd mod in my opinion and it will be continuously updated, giving you more and more bizzare but interesting impressions and adventures.

It's my first mod ever so be lenient for me 🙂 I'm aware that not everything might be perfect. Going with time, Sheesher mod will be perfected by me update by update. Hope you like it 🙂

Good luck and have fun!

You can also visit my discord: https://discord.gg/43D8DHYQJC
You'll find updates here, you can report bugs or suggest things

ALSO! If you would like to support me, so I can do better and higher quality mods, you can donate to my PayPal. Any amount of money is heartily welcome <3

For all the craftings I highly recommend JEI


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