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minecraft mod SignURLs Reloaded

SignURLs Reloaded

Game Version: 1.14
Total Downloads: 652
Updated: Jun 23, 2019
Created: Nov 28, 2017
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
SignURLsReloaded-2.1-SNAPSHOT release 29.99 KB Jun 23, 2019 1.14 259 download SignURLs Reloaded SignURLsReloaded-2.1-SNAPSHOT releaseDownload
SignURLsReloaded-2.0-SNAPSHOT release 30.02 KB Mar 5, 2019 1.13 119 download SignURLs Reloaded SignURLsReloaded-2.0-SNAPSHOT releaseDownload
SignURLsReloaded1.1 release 30.87 KB Dec 1, 2017 1.12 227 download SignURLs Reloaded SignURLsReloaded1.1 releaseDownload
SignURLsReloaded release 40.36 MB Nov 28, 2017 1.12 47 download SignURLs Reloaded SignURLsReloaded releaseDownload


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About the plugin

Ever had the issue when you needed to put a hyperlink on a Sign but it was way to long?
This plugin makes it possible for you to just simply make a sign with a word on it and when being clicked, it will show the associated link in the users chat. Awesome right?
This is a recode of SignURLs by Bill.

How to install this plugin

1. Download the plugin by clicking the download button at the top.
2. Put this inside the plugins folder of your server
3. Restart your server or load the server (e.g with Plugman)
4. Link those words

How to get started
First you'll need to add some links to your database.
This is possible by using the command "/signurls add <word> <link> <permission>
<word>: word that needs to be on the sign in order to get the link
<link>: link that will be shown when clicking the SignURL sign (If you forgot the http:// no worry, this plugin will automatically add it for you)
<permission>: (Optional) extra permission needed to use the sign. (If you don't need this, you HAVE to use "null" as <permission>

After you add your links, you can place a sign with the following order:
<random text>
<random text>

As an example:
You could do the following:
– /signurls add facebook https://www.facebook.com null
and then create a sign

*note* When the sign is correct the [SignURL] will turn green and a message will be shown


Command: /signurls help
Permission: signurls.command.use
Description: Displays a list of all possible commands.

Command: /signurls add <word> <link> <permission>
Permission: signurls.command.add
Description: Links the word to the specified URL with the given permission (again optional. Use "null" if you don't need this)

Command: /signurls remove <word>
Permission: signurls.command.remove
Description: Removes the link from the given word

Command: /signurls changelink <word> <new link>
Permission: signurls.command.changelink
Description: Will change the link of the given word with the new link

Command: /signurls changepermission <word> <new permission>
Permission: signurls.command.changepermission
Description: Will change the permission of the given word with the new permission

Command: /signurls list <page>
Permission: signurls.command.list
Description: Will display a list with all words with the linked link

Command: /signurls database clear
Permission: signurls.command.database.clear
Description: Will clear the database (BE CAREFUL!)

Command: /signurls database reload
Permission: signurls.command.database.reload
Description: Will reload the database

Command: /signurls reload
Permission: signurls.command.reload
Description: Will reload the config after changes were made. So you don't need to restart the whole server.

Other permissions

Permission: signurls.sign.break
Description: Will allow people to break the SignURL signs with the chosen item (Config option) (*note* when the player is OP or in Creative the sign will break without any item)

Permission: signurls.sign.place
Description: Will allow people to place a SignURL sign

Permission: signurls.sign.use
Description: Will allow people to use the signs without any special permission.


– *
– signurls.*
– signurls.admin


#Will enable/disable the updatechecker
EnableUpdatechecker: true
#This is the prefix which will be displayed with every link + error message
Prefix: "&0[&6SignURL Reloaded&0]&f "
#This is the max amount of lines you want when doing /signurls list
MaxLinesPerPage: 10

  #This has to go on the first line of a sign to be a SignURL sign
  SignPrefix: "[SignURL]"
  #Non-Op people with the permission signurls.sign.break needs this item in order to break it
  SignDestroyItem: GOLDEN_CARROT
  #This number is the cooldown period in which people can't use any SignURL sign. (In seconds)
  Cooldown: 10
  #Only supporting SQLite at this time.
  Driver: SQLite


Coming features

– MySQL support
– Multi Language system
– …
Suggestion are always appreciated!

You can report any bug under this topic or by contacting me via conversation.


This took some time. If you feel like helping me out by donating some money for this work, it's highly appreciated!


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