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Game Version: 1.8.1
Total Downloads: 779
Updated: Aug 29, 2015
Created: Aug 1, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
SimpleMines-1.2 release 12.47 KB Aug 29, 2015 1.8.1 596 download SimpleMines SimpleMines-1.2 releaseDownload
SimpleMines-1.0 release 11.50 KB Aug 1, 2015 1.8.1 183 download SimpleMines SimpleMines-1.0 releaseDownload



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What is SimpleMines?

SimpleMines is a plugin that helps with mines for multiple people you just create a space as custom as you want put some rocks in use the plugin to cast a spel on the rocks and you will get rocks that come back every time after an amount of ticks/seconds and with custom drops.
You can Create a Mine in four simple steps.
See the example in this gif image.

SimpleMines demonstration

We are searching for testers, translators and contributors for multiple projects PM me (G_4s) if you want to help us out


  • makes an infinite mine with timings
  • use every kind of ore to create minable rocks
  • enable/disable the mine
  • you can set your own timings
  • you can set your own drops and the amount of it
  • permission support


  • /openmine – this opens the mine for the public.
  • /closemine – this closes the mine for the public (working on it so nobody can destroy anything ).
  • /editmines – used with a bone in your hand (wand can be customized) to right click on a block to add it to the mine.
    toggleable command do it to edit a mine add some blocks then do the command again to save all the added blocks
    IMPORTANT! i'm being aware of the problem that if it is toggled it is toggled for everyone i'm fixing int for the next update


  • simplemines.mines (to open and close the mines)
  • simplemines.editmines (to be able to add blocks or delete blocks to the mine)
  • simplemines.* (to be able to do all commands)
    I'm going to add a permission for who is able to mine ore not later in an update

How to Create a Mine

for who wants a video here is one in portugese english version comming soon.
already a little thanks to DrWill

first step
  • create a cool mine.
second step
  • take the default wand (1 bone only one more will not work)
  • make shure you are op or have the correct permissions
  • make shure your block is one of the following list (coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, redstone ore, lapis ore, diamond ore or emerald ore)
  • if you got the above things right.
  • do the command /editmines
third step
  • right click the ore and see if it creates a new miningblock (check chat)
  • add as many as you want
  • to remove one just right click again (with the wand)
fourth and last step
  • do the /editmines command again and you have succesfully created a unlimited mine
  • for advanced people try customizing the timings (IN TICKS)/ drops(ONLY ITEM ID FOR NOW) / amounts in the config file please dont EVER touch the locations it WILL break the plugin and your mines


version 1.2
  • support for Quests plugin check it out also added permission for who can mine and who cannot.
    pls report bugs 😀
version 1.0
  • added the plugin

Known problems

  • /editmines is used as global toggle not player based (fixing it right now)
  • custom item id in the config file cant use the sub number for example dye's and stuff
  • atm some minor things but PLEASE PM ME WITH ISSUES i will try to fix them as fast as possible
  • if you break a block "Quests" plugin registers that you broke the block twice.


  • ingame timing/drops/amount commands
  • make some kind of protection also for the blocks arround the minable blocks worldguard implementation maybe?
  • some permission changes / adding if a player can use the mine or not
  • trying to make it more resource friendly
  • make it so you can let de rock drop an special item for every 1/100 or so. (item data)
  • or creating an explosion and damage the player at random rock mines.
  • Submit your ideas below


comming soon

Other Plugin

SimpleYeller: a plugin you can not miss in your basic server – Link to page here

Contact me

I love response of the community.
It's very important to me that you suggest features or new projects for plugins as well as problems.
you can reach me at:

  • the devBukkit ticket support
  • via Email: "support@g-4s.be"
  • or just PM me

I respond to the questions as soon as possible!


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