Minecraft Strawberry Milk Pack mod 2022 download
minecraft mod Strawberry Milk Pack

Strawberry Milk Pack

Game Version: 1.15.1
Total Downloads: 18,156
Updated: Jan 13, 2020
Created: Jan 13, 2020
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Strawberry Milk Pack.zip release 2.31 MB Jan 13, 2020 1.15.1 18,156 download Strawberry Milk Pack Strawberry Milk Pack.zip releaseDownload



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Hey gamers! Do yall wish that Minecraft was pretty much the same, except a bit cuter? Want a pink texture pack, but all of the pink ones out there are too overwhelming with TOO much pink? Then the Strawberry Milk Pack may be for you!!! Experience a new flavor of Minecraft by changing boring vanilla to vibrant strawberry! With pink stained wood, pink mobs, and some changed food items, this pack gives a breath of fresh air to vanilla Minecraft without it being unrecognizable.


Note: Thank you guys so much for all the love on Tik Tok! If it wasn't for you guys over there, then I probably wouldn't have the motivation to finish this project. Here's to a happy 2020 and a great future for all of us!


YOUTUBE DEMONSTRATION: https://youtu.be/y45E_SuPQZw 


Please feel free to create youtube reviews/letsplays/videos with the pack! Just please provide a link to either the youtube demonstration or this page in the description!


Here are some new features with the Strawberry Milk Pack:


– all woodstuffs are now different shades of pink, with traditional Oak wood being a sweet rose color. 


– some of the animals such as the cows have a new color palette! Pink being the main focus. 


– some food items are changed, and cows now give you a bucket of Strawberry Milk 


– Diamond is now Pink Diamond 


– Gold is now Rose Gold 


and many new surprises await for you to discover on your own! 


I hope that you all will enjoy this pack, and please let me know if there are any bugs or issues in regards to future updates and whatnot. My email address is lautay20@gmail.com, so please feel free to shoot me a message with anything regarding the texture pack. I love you uwu


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