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minecraft mod Taigore’s Inventory Saver

Taigore’s Inventory Saver

Game Version: 1.6.4
Total Downloads: 18,273
Updated: Dec 18, 2013
Created: Jun 21, 2013
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Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
InventorySaver_-_3.5.1.zip release 78.63 KB Dec 18, 2013 1.6.4 7,657 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.5.1.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.5.zip release 78.62 KB Dec 9, 2013 1.6.4 365 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.5.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_v3.3.zip release 56.67 KB Oct 28, 2013 1.6.4 1,337 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_v3.3.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.2srg.zip release 53.40 KB Sep 14, 2013 1.6.2 2,555 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.2srg.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.2.zip release 50.12 KB Sep 14, 2013 1.6.2 547 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.2.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.1srg.zip release 44.03 KB Jul 17, 2013 1.6.2 1,009 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.1srg.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.1.zip release 41.29 KB Jul 17, 2013 1.6.2 1,888 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.1.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.0srg.zip release 29.01 KB Jun 21, 2013 1.5.2 663 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.0srg.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_3.0.zip release 27.24 KB Jun 21, 2013 1.5.2 1,595 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_3.0.zip releaseDownload
InventorySaver_-_v3.0downgraded.zip release 27.44 KB Jun 21, 2013 1.4.7 657 download Taigore’s Inventory Saver InventorySaver_-_v3.0downgraded.zip releaseDownload


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I always hated the way Minecraft works on death. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind (cough) losing my inventory, but only if it gets actually destroyed by lava or fire. What I couldn't stand is having it disappear due to that 4 minutes items lifespan.
This mod remedies to that, overriding the vanilla drops mechanic. At death, a player will spawn a bag like this one:

The bag will contain anything the player had in its inventory. You could either right click it for fast retrieval of a random item:
Or you can sneak right click to open a gui, in which you can see the first 28 items and re-equip your armor:
The name of the owner, for multiplayer purposes, will be displayed in the GUI.


The Bag

The bag is created as soon as the player dies.
Stores all items in the vanilla inventory. On right click, an item is released from the inventory, to be picked up by whoever is near. On sneak + right click, a GUI is displayed, allowing to retrieve all items in the bag. The first four slots contain the previously equipped armor, if any, and will be moved to the relevant armor slot on shift-click or on quick pickup. Quick pickup of all items that can fit in the inventory can be done clicking on the T button on the GUI.

The bag can store up to 40 items, mod inventories will not fit for now, cannot store new items other than those collected on drop. It's immune to any kind of damage, but will be destroyed if it touches lava.

Has several properties that can be set in the config file:

Description Default
Block ID The block ID for the bag. Setting to -1 will disable the bag spawning at all 4000
Bag gravity If the bag falls when unsupported. True (the bag can fall)
Ignore lava If the bag can resist contact with lava. False (the bag is destroyed on contact with lava)
Protect loot If the bag is accessible only to the owner. The bag also cannot fall, and cannot be destroyed by lava False (the bag can be used by anyone and has no special property)
Cleanup time How many hours need to pass before a bag is deleted on loading. -1 or 0 to disable. -1 (no cleanup)

Bone guide

Can be crafted with an Y of bones in a normal crafting table. On right click, it starts to display points where the player holding it died. For as long as the right mouse button is pressed, the range of search will be extended: it takes 4 seconds to see a point 600 blocks away. Also, the displayed points will be darker if the point is below the current player height level, or transparent if above. Upon reaching a death point or a bag, sneak right click allows to delete it from the guide GUI.
There is configuration option to set the item ID for the bone guide, it's called "Death compass" for legacy.


Versions prior to the latest, the needed Forge download, and texture pack addons can be found on the download page.
Link here


This mod was partially inspired by Risugami's Death Chest, that I never used though since I didn't like its limitations. I know Risugami could have implemented it better if he wanted (look at how many mods!) but I imagine he didn't want to spend much time on that.


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