Minecraft The 48x48x48 Prismarine Cube mod 2024 download
minecraft mod The 48x48x48 Prismarine Cube

The 48x48x48 Prismarine Cube

Game Version: 1.16.5
Total Downloads: 75
Updated: Jun 6, 2021
Created: May 31, 2021
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This cube is designed to fit in a structure block nbt file (which is located in the generated folder)


There are lots of rooms inside the 48x48x48 Prismarine Cube. There is a village, greenhouse, bee room, indoor ranch, prismarine generator, cobblestone generator, a pool, an entire floor dedicated for storing items (level 5) amd even more


Structure: There is a shell made out of prismarine bricks surrounding the exterior and everything inside (execpt the portal rooms) are made out of prismarine. Almost everything is lit with sea lanterns execpt the "air locks" and portal rooms (which also have air locks)


NBT Download is on the Planted Minecraft Page

Click download schematic for the NBT to install put it in the world folder dirictery "yourworld"/generated/minecraft/structures replace yourworld with your world name


There are 11 levels

Level: -5 has outdoor areas and a greenhouse

Level: -4 Smallest level has a coco bean farm

Level: -3 has the bee room and ranch

Level: -2 there isn't much on this level

Level: -1 The main thing about this level is the pool

Level: 0 This level contains the portal rooms

Level: 1 Not much on this level

Level: 2 Contains village

Level: 3 Contains industractable villagers that have special trades and has a prison

Level: 4 Apartment room floor

Level: 5 Stoarge Level


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